Author name: Paulinha Santos

Paulinha is a Brazilian living in Spain for over 20 years. She made her first jump in 2001 at the age of 19, never having been on a plane before. Since then, skydiving has become the center of her life. She has dedicated her time in the sport to improving her skills in formation skydiving and big ways, achieving over 12 Spanish records in this discipline. In 2017, she created the blog Vivir en las Nubes (Living in the Clouds) , becoming a reference for skydiving and wind tunnel information in the Spanish-speaking world. Through her blog, she has shared valuable information and experiences related to skydiving, inspiring other enthusiasts to pursue their passions in the sky. She has created and organized the #SafeX event three times, the largest skydiving and wind tunnel safety event in Madrid. In 2020, she founded the FS 4way Mamma Mia team, the first in Spain composed of mothers, with the purpose of promoting the participation and empowerment of mums within and outside the sport. Through skydiving, she seeks to inspire women to overcome barriers and achieve their personal goals as a Life Changer, while also professionally dedicating herself to social media by collaborating with drop zones and wind tunnels, sharing relevant information and promoting the skydiving community. She also acts as a formation skydiving Coach for beginner skydivers, which is something she is passionate about.

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