Author name: Philip Webley

Started Skydiving: 2006 Total Jumps: 4,000+ Nationality: UK Home DZ: Skydive Langar Occupation: Instructor at Flight-1 Sport and Military, Skydiving and tunnel Instructor/Coach Hobbies: Guitar, Snowboarding, Fitness Licenses/Ratings: D-106253 Total Skydives: 4,000 Instructor/Coaching: 600 Tandem: 350 Camera: 200 Freefly: 1800 Hop-n-Pop: 900 Cutaways: 7 Credentials: Red Devils Freefall Display Team (2008-2011) 19 years military service with associated military parachuting qualifications British Skydiving CSI, Tandem and AFF instructor British Skydiving FF, TR, FS, CH, CP Coach British Parachute Association UK Nationals VFS Bronze (2016) BPA UK National Record 21 way Head-Up formation (2019) Member of skydiving band Winging it! Sponsors: @flight-1sport @UPT @jediairwear.co.uk @alti2europe @cookiehelmets @performancedesigns @cypresaad @cardosystems @good2goapparel @britisharmysport @coolclosingloops

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