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A trailer that makes you hold your breath…

When he released this trailer, COLA FPV said:

Quite some work to reach this goal… a lot of development on the machines, a lot of learning on how to fly with the amazing Vincent Cotte, one of the best wingsuiter out there, a lot of hiking… And a good dose of stress and focus :)”

Almost exactly 3 years ago I started FPV! That’s a pretty good way to celebrate an anniversary :)… This should just be the beginning, now that we know what we can do, we also know how to improve it! My drones are already a lot faster than when we shot that, so I can’t wait to keep flying with Vincent! I hope you enjoy that as much as I enjoyed going through this heavy process… See you on the next adventure”

We don’t know about you… but watching this trailer was the best 3.26 minutes we’ve spent this week!


  • Shot by: COLA FPV
  • Edited by: OLIVIER SAUTET
  • Athlete: VINCENT COTTE

Music in this video

  • Song: Beethoven Sonata #14 “Moonlight”Movement 3
  • Artist: Valentina Lisitsa
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