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PD Factory Team Raffle, win all the gear you’ll ever need…

PD Factory team flying over Florence, photo by Max Haim

An early holiday present for a few lucky skydivers

Every year, there’s one very lucky skydiver that wins a full set of custom skydiving gear just in time for the holidays. This skydiver wins brand new everything:

  • custom main and Optimum reserve from Performance Designs
  • custom Javelin Odyssey with all the options from Sun Path
  • Cypres 2 Expert/Speed from Airtec
  • G4 helmet from Cookie
  • Atlas altimeter from Alti-2
  • custom jumpsuit from LiquidSky
  • a whole lotta swag from ChutingStar.

This is the only skydiving raffle of its kind. There are only 1,000 tickets available, you get a chance to win this HUGE prize, and there are 2nd and 3rd place winners as well.

You too could look this cool!
Image – Travis Mills & Justin Price at an MFS comp, Skydive Arizona, by D Squared

Support PD Factory Team

Tickets cost 60 USD and every cent goes to support PD Factory Team. First started in 2013, the raffle is a way for the PD Factory team to cover the vast majority of their training budget for the year with help from their sponsors. These funds cover costs for training, traveling, camps, and more. It’s how the team can train and compete throughout the year, all thanks to the amazing skydiving community who continue to support this raffle year after year.

Last year’s winner Lee Waite, flying with his demo team,m Jump Dogs
Image courtesy of jump_dogs_uk

Winner, winner

Last year’s winner was Lee Waite, member of the Jump Dogs Parachute Display Team from the United Kingdom. 

“I had taken part in the PDFT raffle for a year or two prior to winning as the prizes were too good not to… I was on a work conference call at the time of the grand prize drawing and a friend of mine messaged me to say he thinks I have just won! Within an hour, I had been contacted directly from the PD Factory team informing me of my win. Over the coming months I received prize after prize of the best equipment in the sport and this is why this raffle is a must for everyone.”

This raffle is a must for everyone”

Previous winners include Christian Labhart from Switzerland and Darren Tan from Singapore – who was just about to quit skydiving before winning the raffle!

The tickets sells out every year, so make sure to get yours before it’s too late. Click here to enter.

Mario Fattoruso exit, by Javier “Buzz” Ortiz

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Meet: Melissa Garcia

Melissa Garcia is the manager of PD Factory Team. With her knowledge of the skydiving industry and experience in music and artist management, she works alongside the team on all things marketing, social media, branding, and more. She often describes working with the team is like managing a boy band.

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