Cloud Clearance

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What are the rules about jumping in cloud and what should you bear in mind?

Cloud Clearance by Axis Flight School


Coach Brianne Thompson of Axis Flight School explains…

  • The FAA rules about not jumping in cloud
  • The rules at different altitudes
  • Tips in case you are caught in cloud
  • Pro tip for spotting around cloud
Help with spotting near cloud, by Axis Flight School

Video by Axis Flight School

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Meet: Niklas Daniel

I am passionate about flying; be it my body, a parachute, or an airplane. It fills me with a great sense of fascination, curiosity, and purpose.
Coaching grants me the opportunity to share my skills and experience with those who have a desire to learn. I believe in building skills on a solid foundation and giving my students tangible evidence of their progress.

My coaching method is methodical yet holistic – incorporating physical as well as mental training, in a positive and constructive learning environment. I strive to find the perfect balance between ability and challenge for optimal engagement and enjoyment. My biggest reward as a coach is the joy of celebrating a student's "lightbulb moments", as they achieve their goals.

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