Catching up with… Johannes Bergfors

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Johannes Bergfors is a body flight teacher, a movie maker, a photographer, an event organiser, an idea injector. He lives to induce a twinkle in your eye – whether the reason is awe, a new understanding or a relationship to something or someone new.

A happy Johannes, photo by John Carter

Hey, Johannes, thanks for taking the time to talk with us 🙂 First things first – what do you do for a living?

Hey! I teach bodyflying in the sky and tunnel, immortalise flying in videos and photos and organise events where I connect skydiving with nature and culture. 

How many jumps?

Since 2007 I’ve made around 4700 jumps, primarily teaching, entertaining, filming or performing freeflying and about 800 tandem videos.

What’s your nationality? Where you live?

Swedish, living in Bovec, Slovenia.

Photo by Kian Bullock

Favorite place in the world to jump & why

The first that comes to mind is Skydive Bovec. It’s a versatile location where I can easily mountain fly, cloud trace, kayak, paraglide and have a beer at the local brewery on the same day.

Favorite wind tunnel ?

Ahhh hard one. I have some great memories in HF Madrid and Flystation Munich, but St Petersburg also has its raw charm.

Achievements, claims to fame

I filmed and edited movies that touched a lot of people. I have hosted events that created strong connections between everyone involved. I care deeply about my students progression. 

What is your coaching philosophy?

Deconstruct, train components, compile. Reward effort, not performance.

Reward effort, not performance”

What’s your favourite skydiving moment of all time?

A pivotal day was in Voss, Norway, 2015 at Voss Freefly Festival. It was pivotal because it was the first time nature was integrated with my skydiving. I had been dreaming of flying my wing in the mountains for years, and after arriving at this event I didn’t get the chance very easily. The loads were either full or it was too rainy. One evening I skipped to party at the wind tunnel maskerade and instead woke up early in case someone was going to cancel. I got lucky and flew “The V” in Gudvangen on the first load, then teary eyed witnessed the many waterfalls in awe after landing. Later that day I ended up in a two way with one of the flyers I look up to the most – Martin Kristensen, and became so stoked again. Lastly, the same day, I chose to do another inhopp and mountain flight into Osa, with the Cessna Caravan. Once again I was blown away after landing. Then someone yelled “There’s one slot left on the helicopter going up in 20”, I took it and got to fly the same line again. It was a mind blowing day!

Work, by Johannes Bergfors

What project gave you most satisfaction?

Probably WORK, the 30 minute documentary I made about Skynamik, the World’s leading freestyle team at the time. It was the largest production I had shouldered and I felt it came out good considering that it was my first try at a documentary, with interviews. I could dedicate it to Dave Reader and Nina Forsberg and had the opportunity to share some really good music in the soundtrack that now more people listen to.

What are you working at now? What projects do you have for the future?

Slovenia Elements – where I invite groups, couples or individuals to come to Bovec, Slovenia to fly with me. But then I go way beyond just coaching and organise their whole vacation. They get to spend a night on a mountain top, visit my favourite secret spots, experience the river- and mountain sports and make life long memories. It’s my dream job!

Night entertainment, photo by Wolfi Lienbacher

Tell us a quirky fact about yourself

I sang in a choir as a soprano until I was 14, performed an accapella solo at the Gothenburg Opera, acting as “the young shephard” in an opera by Wagner.

Whom do you admire?

I used to admire peak performers, but now I admire unselfishness in those around me.

What’s more fun for you, tunnel or sky?

Yes 🙂

Photo by Stefan Knaus

What’s the biggest problem we have in the sport right now?  And what can we do about it?

The cost and environmental impact on our planet. We can affect it by jumping more mindful and striving for skydiving experiences that leave us so breathless that we don’t need as many jumps.

What’s the biggest thing we could do to improve safety?

Call each other out. Tell your sketchy buddy that he/she’s becoming complacent and that you’re worried.

Do you have a motto, or favorite quotation?

Often your quality of life can be measured by the amount of uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have.

Often your quality of life can be measured by the amount of uncomfortable conversations you’re willing to have”

How are you coping with lockdown, what is keeping you sane?

I educate myself in new subjects (nutritional science & carpentry) and rust off previous subjects (paragliding). I hug my niece and nephew often.”

What’s your pet hate?


What was the biggest decision of your life?

Starting to skydive. I had never witnessed so many dreamers and self fulfilling souls before, and it led to me becoming one.

Don’t forget to have fun… every jump 🙂

What’s next for you, and what are you most excited about? 

To, after an accident eight months ago, get back to educating and once again lead new and old friends to great experiences.

What equipment do you jump, and why? 

UPT, L&B, PD, Cypres, Dekunu, Tonfly. It’s my dream team.

Anything you’d like to add?

If you want to find out more about my activities please visit my web page and take a look at my Youtube Account.

Johannes’s latest project – Relative Work, 2019

Johannes has written excellent articles in Skydive Mag about Recovering from Injury and raising AAD Activation Altitude

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