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Maja Kuczynska playing…

Photo courtesy of Aerodium

…like a kid in the Aerodium open-air wind tunnel 🙂

Indoor skydiver and Red Bull athlete Maja Kuczynska visited Toms Īvāns at Aerodium wind tunnel to train in an open-air wind tunnel for the first time. The whole experience was amazing. They trained in the tunnel during the day, as well as during the night and rain, they did a flying battle, skydiving in the sunset and other cool stuff that we invite you to watch 🙂.

Did you know…

… that Aerodium built the biggest open-air wind tunnel in the world?

They were called by Tom Cruise’s team for the movie Mission Impossible 6. They wanted to rent a wind tunnel to see if they can use it for a movie. When Tom Cruise tried it he liked it but almost immediately asked if we could make a bigger one.

Aerodium asked: “How big?”. He said, “How about the World’s biggest?”

What followed was like something you see in the movies and you can read the whole story here.😎

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Meet: Andreea Pistea

Andreea started skydiving at 16 years old and the step between hobby and passion was almost immediately made. Nothing changed in the years that passed.

She is a USPA coach, AFF Instructor, Multiple World Record holder in big-ways, former captain of TNT 4-way team and a Romanian Airclub athlete.

Andreea enjoys FS, wingsuiting and freefly. She flyes Sun Path, Aerodyne, Squirrel, Cookie Helmets and Cypres.

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