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13 pointers to help you heal

Back in July 2019, Johannes Bergfors had a speed flying accident and began a process of healing. A month later he wrote this text in his newsletter. Johannes is now returned to tunnel flying, and will shortly be back in the sky as well.

Johannes Bergfors

About a month ago I was in an accident…

I made a pilot error with my speedwing after a real nice launch and flight from my “home mountain” in Slovenia. I needed to emergency land in an area full of big rocks. I fractured my right heel and sacrum bone (right above the “tail bone”). I got helicoptered out, spent two weeks at the hospital and am just finishing two more weeks at an after-care centre with an Ayurvedic program. I’m gonna be fine, but because of the sacrum’s central and weight-bearing position in the body, I’m still bedridden most of the day, since I’m still waiting for the bone to heal. In three weeks I can begin my physiotherapy. But this letter is not about me – it’s about the healing process.

A friend of mine just broke herself and I want to share the things that have helped me to stay positive and that I believe help me heal faster and more thorough.

Editor’s note: Johannes encourages you enjoy these photos by Nick Dunlop.

Starlings in murmuration as they’re being hunted by a prey bird
Photo by Nick Dunlop

Ask yourself: What is this perfect for?

What can you get out of this situation that you couldn’t achieve otherwise? In my case I’ve spent a lot of time learning about the healing process. Because only in this state of being broken can I use myself as a test subject. It’s also a great chance to gain more empathy and understanding of everyone else around the world that is or has been injured.

Immediately: stop thinking about the accident 

You will re-affirm its existence over and over again, emotionally cementing it and keeping your fractures open. Instead completely immerse yourself in the idea of how you are pain free, fracture free and doing all the activities that you love – in the future.

If someone asks what happened, respond “As I was fighting off a dragon, I fell off my unicorn”

The nice thing to ask you about your state would be “How good are you going to be when you’re recovered?”

Read ‘You are the Placebo’ by Joe Dispenza

It’s the bible of my recovery and is forever changing my mentality of how I’m in control of my own physical and mental health. The idea behind it is that if our minds heal our bodies because of placebo pills/treatments, then who’s to say we can’t do it ourselves without the placebo?

“When you’re being given a diagnose the common emotion is fear or sadness. You can think positively all you want and say “I will overcome this” but if you feel fear then that thought never makes it past the brain stem into the body because it’s not in alignment with the body’s emotional state. But get yourself into a space of gratitude – the emotional signature of gratitude is that it already took place – and things will start to happen. The more we can feel the feeling as if the healing has already occurred the better, that is the trigger for our bodies to grow the nerve cells to make connections to our brain chemistry to reflect that healing.”
Joe Dispenza

Learn about anatomy and visualise your body healing

Study the X-rays and CT scans of your fractures so that you can close your eyes and see them in front of you. Study how perfectly fine bones look like. Then use this advice to visualise your body healing.

Photo by Nick Dunlop

Take an extensive blood test

Find out what your values are and complement accordingly. I supplement with:

  • Liposomal Vitamin C:  Boosts immune system. Liposomal means the body can benefit more from the positive effects than from regular vitamin C.
  • Iron and Liposomal B 12:  I had a deficiency in these according to my blood tests so needed to complement.
  • Millet flour (braunhirse):  An ancient grain, very nutritious, that specifically helps with bone regeneration.
  • D-vitamin: Get outside
  • CBD drops:  I use CBD for instant pain relief, against anxiety (yeah there’s a bunch of that when worrying about the future) and to get perspective. I use CBD from Hempika (use discount code bergfors)

Clear any insecurities

If you are suffering from inner battles that cause you stress like relationships that need talking about, or insecurities with yourself, take this opportunity to clear them. If you don’t – your immune system is busy fighting the stress in your body and healing will take longer time. Remove inner stress and pain using the method in the next point.

Learn about tapping (EFT)

Just google it and try it. Using only your mind you can relieve yourself from childhood trauma, current stress and physical pain.

Using tapping, two weeks ago I went from stress level 9 to a stress level 3 in 60 seconds after doctors had come into the room and spread negativity. Last week, in 60 seconds, I went from a pain level 8 to a pain level 1 after I woke up in the middle of the night with very strong pain near my groin. Difficult to believe? Yep.


Let it out and don’t hold back.

Watch the documentary “Heal” on Netflix

It’s an inspiring over-all film on alternative medicines. Kelly Turner, PhD, is featured in the documentary and has been working with radical remissions (faster recovery speed than normal) for more than 10 years.

Kelly says: “I’ve recorded 75 things that these patients have done to try to get well. Not everyone uses all 75 factors. However: All (1500) patients were using these nine:”

  • Radically changing your diet
  • Taking control of your health
  • Following your intuition
  • Using herbs and supplements
  • Releasing suppressed emotions
  • Increasing positive emotions
  • Embracing social support
  • Deepening your spiritual connection
  • Have a strong reason for living

Sleep well

I use a face mask, earplugs if I need to. I know what pillow is good for me and I try to follow the advice I learned in this mind-blowing podcast about sleep that you should listen to whether you’re sick or not. Search for “joe rogan matthew walker” on your podcast player.

Watch ‘Ayurveda – Art of Being’

It’s a beautifully filmed full length documentary, a real gem, that I found on Youtube. Ayurveda is a 3,000 year old healing system based on plant medicine. Roots, leaves, herbs and minerals. The film shows you how gurus 20 years ago were successfully treating patients with all sorts of sickness. A real nice watch!

Photo by Nick Dunlop

Accept your friends’ wellbeing wishes

Visualise each friends’ wellbeing wish as white energy and place somewhere it’s needed. Let them know where it ended up. Think that if they had been physically nearer you, they would doubtlessly stop by and give you a long warm hug. Visualise receiving that hug. Imagine the line of people waiting outside your hospital room door of people waiting for give you a hug.

Worrying is like praying for what you don’t want”

Photo by Johannes Bergfors

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