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Jeremy Hunt takes us through the features in the new Cookie G35

Cookie G35 helmet

Coming soon to a head near you – the brand new 🍪 G35 (thirty-five)!

The G35 features many improvements over the G3. This video will answer some of the questions you have sent our way.

  • More coverage and protection than the G3
  • Field replaceable liner over EPP internal cap, with ventilation channels using latest materials available
  • Padded chin area for more comfort
  • Functional audible pockets and more room for your ears
  • Quieter (due to integrated visor and slicker side plate design)
  • Optional utility plate to fit a cutaway GoPro roller mount, equipped with a cutaway handle.
G35 Color options

More information on the G35 can be found here on Cookie’s website

Please note: The G35 is not certified to the XPS 72-6000 helmet standard.

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Meet: Cookie Composites

We at Cookie focus on solving the real issues we skydivers face during freefall and canopy piloting or in the wind tunnels. Finding ways to avoid dangerous situations is what drives our research, development and ideas.

Our promise to you is that either while designing a new cutaway system or a safer camera mount, we always strive to do our best and never settle for anything that compromises the quality of our products.

Our team is not only passionate about air-sports but also about creating the best and most innovative products for the sky and your skydive experience.

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