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Ethernal Boogie 2023, Photo by Gustavo Cabana

The biggest skydiving event in South America

Ethernal Boogie is a skydiving skills camp that takes place in Latin America. Its first edition was in Argentina in 2012. This year, we celebrated the 11th edition of the event. I hope to tell you more about this very cool event and why you should go next time.

Photo by Gustavo Cabana

Paulo Pires and Paulo Perini did a great job organizing the event. However, we must remember to mention Emilio Santa Coloma. He started this event in Argentina with an extraordinary energy filling everybody’s hearts. These guys are the trio we need to congrats for making the Ethernal Boogie happen.

Photo by Gustavo Cabana

Hi Brazil! Hi Boituva!

I arrived in Brazil in November 2022. So, I was skydiving in Boituva, Sao Paulo, before the event began. Thus, I was ready to help the ones arriving at the Skydive Club for the first time.

However, the facilities and the staff are so good that I rarely was called for help, and almost everybody had a smooth check-in at the dropzone. We had a DZ briefing, a long one to ensure everyone understood the rules in Boituva. This created a great atmosphere of confidence and an event with no accidents.

Photo by Gustavo Cabana

Let’s jump!

We were almost 80 people, including coaches. 10 groups of 6 people plus 1 coach. That was the deal. Everyone in this event must be able to fly safely in a group like that. The boogie started on Monday and finished on Friday with a big party and a video of the event.

The lineup of coaches is always incredible. To celebrate the 11th edition of the Ethernal Boogie, Emilio, PP, and Paulo Perini decided to bring some of the first edition load organisers. So, the participants could jump and interact with world-class skydivers such as Luis Prinetto, Manfi, Luis Adolfo Lopez Mendez, Lambo, Petter Stensvold, Matias Baeza, Rafa Dunin, Gil Guevara and the Brazilians Paulo Perini and Paulo Pires.

Photo by Gustavo Cabana

What did I learn?

Sometimes is hard to put into words what we learn in a skills camp. Yet, Ethernal was different. I finished the camp having perfectly in mind what I learned, what I will need to practice, and where to improve my flight.

My group jumped with Rafa Dunin (1st day), Luis Prinetto (2nd day), Gil Guevara (3rd day), Paulo Perini (4th day), and Manfi (5th day). It was amazing to have these guys’ input; the group’s difference from day one to the last day was incredible. I heard similar things from others, and I believe everyone enjoyed this as much as I did.

Photo by Gustavo Cabana

Keep coming back

Ethernal boogie always brings people from all over the world. I met friends from European countries, such as Italy, France, and Spain. Some people from North America were present as well. However, the biggest crowd always comes from Latin America. 

As Emilio Santa Coloma said, “We used to need to go to the USA or Europe. The idea was to bring them over to South America. We always focused on top coaches that could speak Spanish, Portuguese, or a language that Latin America would understand”. What can I say about that? Well, YOU DID IT, my friend.

Photo by Gustavo Cabana

In conclusion

First, thanks very much to everyone who made this event happen, from the FlyOn crew, Emilio, and the entire Skydive Club staff to all the coaches and everyone else who took a week off to come to Boituva to skydive their asses off.

Photo by Gustavo Cabana

I’m hoping to meet many more people from around the world in Boituva. This dropzone has been an incredible place for skydivers with many planes, events, and fun. We all need to enjoy the Latin American vibe and South America’s culture. 

I’ll see you in the Ethernal Boogie 2024! 😃😎🥳

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All photos by Gustavo Cabana Imaging

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