What Makes the G35 Special?

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The top plate of the G35 can be quickly and easily changed to rotate between camera set-ups
Change the top plate and insert the locking strap with or without cutaway handle

The G35 by Cookie Helmets is an update of the G3, incorporating technology from the G4 but keeping the G35 helmet compact and affordable. 

CP competitor Simon Bouchard, who’s a full-time AFF and Flight-1 Instructor, explains why he thinks the G35 stands out…

Author Simon Bouchard

The G35 helmet by Cookie has been a great update from my beloved G3. The new features include better visor mechanism, better ventilation, added protection for your head as well as more color customisation. All of these upgrades make the G35 a very improved newer model, but in my opinion, the utility plate is where this helmet stands out. 

So, what makes the G35 utility top plate different from the original plate?

The utility plate is a replacement part for the G35 top plate, that includes better camera mounting options than the regular plate. It allows you to quickly install and remove your camera set up without having to unscrew anything off.

There are a few things included when you purchase the Utility plate:

  • The plate itself
  • Slick small plate
  • Roller mount top plate
  • Cutaway locking strap
  • Non-cutaway locking strap
  • A few extra screws
  • Tool to change the plate

Note that the Cookie roller mount is not included with the utility plate.

The first thing you can do is remove the 6 screws holding the original plate in place. Then you can install the utility plate with 8 screws (some extra screws are there to reinforce around the camera slot). Once this step is done, you won’t need to remove those screws again.

The small plates are going to lock in place with one of the locking straps. These straps go from the bottom of the helmet all the way to the top and lock inside the small top plates. This is how your camera will be secured on the top of the helmet. The cutaway strap can be used when you are using the camera set-up, and if needed, it will simply release the small camera plate and you can keep your helmet. If you want to change the camera plate to the slick small plate to go in the wind tunnel for example, simply pull the locking strap out, replace the small top plate and lock it in place with the locking strap of your choice. There is a small window on the top of the helmet to ensure that your plate is properly locked; red is no good, black means locked. For the wind tunnel, it is better to use the non-cutaway locking strap to ensure the plate stays in place while flying.

I really like the ease this helmet gives me to remove my roller mount between jumps if I go from an AFF jump to a tandem jump where I don’t want to carry my camera and want to fully open the visor.

The helmet also has pre-marked piercing holes to install a Flysight mount on the helmet. If you are looking for a helmet that does it all, the G35 is a very good option.


You can also watch Simon’s video about the utility plate if you are more visual:


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Meet: Simon Bouchard

Simon was born and raised in Quebec, Canada around Montreal. He started skydiving when he was 19 in Parachutisme Nouvel Air(now called Parachute Montreal South shore). He started working in the industry as a packer, and then quickly became cameraman, tandem instructor and AFFI. Simon started competing in Canopy Piloting in 2021 and became part of the Canadian CP team in 2022, as well as becoming a Flight-1 instructor. He organises local swoop events while he is at home in the summer and travels the US in the winter chasing warm weather and good skydives.

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