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European Skydiving Symposium – 3 days of safety seminars

The latest safety information from the greatest in the sport!

Photo by Kuba Konwent, powered by Dekunu

We are just 9 weeks away from the European Skydiving Symposium – the biggest skydiving event in Central Europe. More than 400 participants are already signed up and ready to summarize the season, learn new stuff and take part in the biggest end-of-season party ever… 

The event takes place on 16-18 November 2022 in Warsaw, Poland. It was postponed from March as Polish dropzones were busy arranging humanitarian aid for Ukraine.

The season in Europe is slowly drawing to a close as the nights are drawing in and temperatures dropping. The Euro Symposium is a wonderful opportunity to stretch out the season, catch up with friends and consolidate your learning with discussions and safety seminars on every aspect of the sport.

No matter if you’re a beginner or have hundreds of jumps – reviewing safety procedures is always a great idea. The idea behind the European Skydiving Symposium, taking place every second year, is to bring experts together in one place and create an extra Safety Day which lasts 3 days, including what skydivers love most (except for jumping) – the party! 

Photo by Kuba Konwent, powered by Dekunu

What’s in it for me? 

Every day there are seminars and workshops, below are especially interesting ones that we decided to highlight: 

  • “A half a century of skydiving + Q&A session” by Bill Booth, UPT. Since the questions are collected online you can also add yours. Presentations are going to be recorded and published after the event. Here is the form.
  • “Reconsidering safety – how safe skydiving really is?, by Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld. Drawing on decades of experience and analyzing trends.
  • “2020 fatality report: trends in fatal/no fatal skydiving accidents” by Albert Berchtold, USPA. Knowing the trends might keep us safer by realising where we are the most vulnerable. 
  • “Tandem worldwide standards: Exit order & dealing with bad body position” by Mark Procos, UPT. Since the demand on tandem skydives is growing every year, we should be able to jump all tandems keeping the unified standard.
  • “Wingsuit tandem – how impossible became true” by Vincent LeBlond Descoles, Skyvibration. This is something unique as Vincent will share the story from the idea to the first wingsuit tandem, with all details regarding procedures, equipment and preparation. 
  • “Dangers while dropping skydivers – how skydivers can contribute to the safety of each load” by Uschi Wagner from Pink Klatovy. We should remember that we are not the only one in the load, however each of us can decide on the safety (or danger) of the load.  
  • “How to recognize fears/concerns when working with Students” and also “Potential implications and consequences of too early downsizing”  by Julian Barthel, Flight-1. The AFFI and canopy piloting coach will share his experience in these two seminars.
  • “Reserve Packjob – easy rigging improvements” by Tom Parker, SunPath. The chief of engineers will share his expertise with riggers to make the reserve packjob easier and even more reliable. 
  • “Hypoxia as a true danger – discussion panel” led by Tomasz Witkowski, Warsaw Aeroclub Director. Invited panellists are experts from Military Aviation Medicine Institute, current record holder of the highest balloon jump in Europe and HALO jump specialist. We also learned that Tom Noonan’s accident is going to be discussed on this panel. 

These are only several highlights of the full agenda which is published here

Photo by Kuba Konwent, powered by Dekunu

2020 impressions

The best way to learn what to expect, except for reviewing the agenda and expo plan, is to hear what participants from 2020 said about the event: 

The 2020 European Skydiving Symposium was a blast! Massive know-how from the very best of the industry was presented in yummy pieces for skydivers and almost all of the important players had a great time networking at their booths. Everything was super professionally organised from smooth multitrack schedule, live translations to fancy meals – and I have seen many trade shows in my “civil life” in IT security. I can’t help myself and travel to Warsaw again for the 2022 edition of European Skydiving Symposium.

Daniel Ossio, Squirrel

As we’re getting closer to the event, we were also curious how the organisers are anticipating the event: 

We received very good feedback from our last edition and learned a lot on both – skydiving safety AND how to organise even better events.” says Marta Molinska from Sky Camp, co-organizer of the event. “This edition is going to be even bigger as we already have 400+ registrations versus 350 last year – despite the pandemic! We are also very excited about the expo area where you can meet 26 manufacturers and retailers from around the world.

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Expo Plan

Decision time

If you still wonder if it’s worth coming, keep in mind that the Symposium is not entirely about safety. The organises invite all 2- and 3-days ticket holders to the amazing After Party in the Aviator Club, there are going to be Blind Packjob Races during the symposium, and The Great Raffle with serious prizes such as: 

  • 50% discount voucher for a Vector container
  • 30% discount for a Sunpath container
  • Any Cookie helmet of your choice
  • Custom Squirrel Suit
  • M2 multi AAD
  • Gear Shop voucher from PD
  • AAD Inspection voucher from CYPRES 
  • 10 jumps block at Pink Klatovy
  • 10 jumps block at Sky Camp
  • 10 jumps block at Skydive Warsaw
Photo by Kuba Konwent, powered by Dekunu

Euro Symposium 2022 Info

  • Dates: 16-18 November 2022
  • Venue: Airport Okęcie Hotel **** – a discount for attendees applies, book via the hotel by email with “European Skydiving Symposium” in the title of the message.
  • Other recommended hotels: Sangate Hotel (5 minute walk), Hampton by Hilton (10 minute walk), Holiday Inn Express (7 minute walk). There is also a vast network of AirBnB accommodation in Warsaw.
  • Travel: The Airport Okecie Hotel offers a free shuttle bus every 30 minutes from the International Airport in Warsaw. The venue is 5 minutes in a (taxi/Uber from the airport if you prefer car transportation. 
  • Covid-19 Policy: Since the pandemic is not totally over yet, the Event Policy is a full refund if the event is cancelled due to Covid restrictions and a full refund if travelling from your location is not possible due to Covid restrictions or infection.
  • Wi-fi: Unlimited free wi-fi during all 3 days of the conference.
  • Manufacturers: These leading brands are all supporting the event; UPT, CPS, PD, Cypres, Dekunu, Sun Path, Cookie, Flypost, Deem Flywear, SWS, Skylark, Flyspot, Vigil,
  • Attendance: the symposium is three days, but you can attend for 1, 2 or 3 days, as you wish.
  • So? Decided?: Here is the registration page.

Photo by Kuba Konwent, powered by Dekunu
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Meet: Marta Molińska

Marta has over 2000 jumps, is an AFF instructor and Event Manager at Sky Camp Drop Zone in Poland. She is co-organizer of the European Skydiving Symposium.

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