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When Bill Booth was a college student, he was driving when a man literally fell from the sky, landing in the road directly in front of him…

The Man. The Legend. Bill Booth

It was a skydiver, a participant in what was then an experimental and risky sport. Booth picked him up, drove him back to the airport and that changed his life forever.

Today, we can safely say Booth is one of the most interesting men in the world. Find out how his passion for adventures created a one-of-a-kind lifestyle for his family. 


Bill Booth was the right guy at exactly the right time”

Bill Booth and UPT colleagues at PIA Symposium

Bill is one of the originals who developed the concept of tandem jumping, holds 12 patents for skydiving safety systems, invented the hand-deploy pilot-chute, 3-ring release system, Sigma Tandem system, the SkyHook reserve deployment system AND the founder of United Parachute Technologies

Video courtesy of Growing Bolder.

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