The VOTE jump

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The Women’s Skydiving Network had a big year planned for 2020…  

Use your voice! VOTE!
Photo by Craig O’Brien

In celebration of the 100th anniversary of the 19th Amendment to the US Constitution giving women the right to vote, the WSN created Project19.  The goal was to set a Women’s Vertical World Record with 100 female freeflyers at Skydive Chicago in July 2020. They were running camps around the globe and had selected 65 women by February. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic the record attempt has been postponed to October 2021.

The WSN also formed a world class demo team, Highlight Pro Skydiving. Despite the pandemic, they have performed high profile demonstration jumps in Seneca Falls, Valley Forge, Nashville and New York City – all to commemorate women’s right to vote.

The awesome ladies of Highlight Pro Skydiving Team during a 2020 event
Photo by David Wybenga

With 2020 being an election year, the WSN wanted to sponsor a jump spelling out the word VOTE with the hope of putting together an exciting video that might go viral.  Towards this goal they contacted Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld and Kate Cooper-Jensen of Perris Performance Plus “P3”.  P3 is famous for having organized many amazing and artistic FS jumps.

T-Rex over Skydive Perris during 2014 Power Play 🙂
Photo by Craig O’Brien

As tight as our skydiving family is we are not short of strong opinions on every side of every topic.  Getting enough very talented skydivers with the skill to do jumps like these and who agree on the “message” that will be spelled out in freefall is no easy task.  

P3 did it with the “PEACE” jump at their Power Play event several years ago.  All of the jumpers, as diverse as they are could agree on PEACE.  Some thought peace should be accomplished through superior firepower, others through legalizing marijuana.  But regardless of the strategy, there was no argument on the goal.  

The PEACE jump done during the 2018 Power Play event
Photo by Craig O’Brien

VOTE was definitely another one everyone could get behind no matter what side of the political spectrum they were on.  This is one of the beautiful things about our skydiving family.  We don’t let politics get between us!  

Making of the VOTE Jump – a MUST WATCH!

The VOTE Jump – the Making Of

Use your voice, use your vote!Watch the making of the VOTE jump, that went viral these last days! (Of course it was made in Skydive Perris 😉)Jumpers: Dan Brodsky-Chenfeld, Robert Bonitz, Steven Briggs, Shannon Catalano, Keith Conner, Carsten Cooper-Jensen, Kate Cooper-Jensen, Rich Delgado, Andy Delk, Jen Wallace Domenico, Chris Farina, Maréchal Berthier, Doug Forth, Christy Frikken, Craig Girard, Joshua Hall, Niklas Hemlin, Larry Henderson, Grace Katz, Mark Kirkby, Scott Latinis, Mariushka Lovera, Marcelo Marapodi, Mario Mauro, ShawnaRae Miliano, Montana Miller, Ian Pedowitz, Celine Pelletier, Dan Pillasch, Erik Prime, Eliana Rodriguez, David W. Schrager, Sarah Smith, Lisa Walker, Lawrence Wobker, Kai WolfVideographers George Katsoulis, Craig OBrien, Terry ClayEditor: Chris Burket Music: Awaken by Blue Stahli

Posted by Skydive Perris on Tuesday, 22 September 2020
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