Kyra’s A licence journey

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In 2018 Kyra Poh, indoor World Champion, decided to taste the true freefall feeling…

Rocking it in the sky
Photo by Ewan Cowie

She completed her skydiving course and got a taste for the sport. But before she could finish her skydiving licence in Norway she crash landed and broke a rib, stifling her skydiving dreams.

Not one to give up that easily she returned to the sky in 2021 and sought out the best in the business to guide her back to the sport. 💪

Her team of instructors are all professional skydivers with a total of over 100.000 jumps – Raph Coudrey (AFF instructor), Pete Allum (canopy piloting coach), Will Penny (freefly coach).

You have to have a lot of respect for the sport and you have to understand and really be open to learning, to listen to other people. These people know what they are doing. Just be open minded and try to learn as much as possible.

Kyra Poh

Casting her educational net wide and learning from her skydiving family, Kyra gained new confidence.

Playing with Greg Crozier
Photo by Ewan Cowie

Many see what we do in the air, but not many realize how many people have helped us in our journey. Thanks to everyone who’s helped me in my journey, to the Coaches, the Camera Crew as well as the Dropzone team…. and most importantly especially to Anna Mox who helped me arrange everything for this trip.

Now I am trying to get more confident in the wind and I really, really hope that one day I will be able to compete in the sky! 🙂

Kyra Poh

Kyra’s A-Licence Journey – video

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