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Regan Tetlow interviews Pablo Hernandez – member of PD Factory Team and one of best canopy pilots in the world…

Regan talks to Pablo about his journey from the moment he did his first tandem jump at 11 years old until present day.

Pablo was born in a family related to skydiving. His grandfather was a pilot and his father has been a skydiver all his life. He did his first jump at only 11 years old and he became the youngest tandem master and AFF instructor in Spain at the age of 18.

His first skydiving competition was the World Cup in Canopy Piloting in 2005. He won the intermediate class and immediately fell in love with the competitive side of the sport.

Skydiving was my obsession; my passion. It’s the only thing I have ever wanted to do in life, and it’s exactly what I have done

Pablo Hernandez

Pablo has attended a total of 18 world meets, including world championships, world cups, World Games and World Air Games, over the course of which he has picked up 25 FAI medals, three European Championships and two world records.

Pablo is now based at Skydive Dubai where he is coordinating the Special Projects department, alongside his activity as a AFF instructor and a Flight-1 canopy piloting coach.

Video by Regan Tetlow, Air Sports News

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