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Regan Tetlow interviews Andy Malchiodi, co-organiser of the recent 77-way 2-point Vertical Sequential World Record

Andy is a man with many hats…

Andy Malchiodi was happy to step into Melissa Nelson Lowe’s shoes as main organiser for the record after she was elected USPA National Director, so Matthew Fry approached Andy to join him. Organising a World Record event is not easy, especially in this period…

The things that have to align, the things that have to fall into place, a lot of luck involved… all for a few seconds…

The team present at Skydive Chicago in September achieved its goal and set a Vertical Sequential World Record with a team mainly made of Americans, plus 15 international skydivers who had to jump through hoops to join the party. 💪💪

He kept busy these months and even took the time to spice the belly jumpers during the Perris P3 Power Play event helping them organize some cool 3D jumps.

That was super cool. It was high time for freeflyers to pay it back to the belly flyers, we stole inspiration from them for forever 🙂

Andy also…

well… enjoy the whole interview! 🙂

Video by Regan Tetlow, Air Sports News

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