Filming WS BASE with Drones

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Super-talented FPV pilot Cola presents a taster of his footage and talks about what it takes to get these über cool perspectives…

Screenshot from BASE 2.0

I spent my whole youth in the mountains doing ski racing at high level in the French Salomon ski team, and also doing some steep freeride skiing and freestyling for fun. Unfortunately, pushing it too hard brought me to too many injuries and I reached a point where skiing wasn’t fun anymore.

After spending 10 years as a ski instructor and a house builder, I discovered FPV drones and thought that could be a good way to get some crazy extreme sensations back… So after 3 years deep diving into this hobby, freestyling and freeriding mostly, I started chasing sportsmen to realize that flying a GoPro has limitless possibilities.

A new passion

I met Thomas Viethen (ZIP) totally randomly and that was extremely lucky. He taught me a lot about BASE jumping and he introduced me to Vincent Cotte (‘Veush’) with whom I started a heavy wingsuit filming training. Today I am extremely grateful to these two guys cuz flying my drone (which I see as an extension of my body) with all the best BASE jumpers in the world is very close to the top of the awesomeness ladder. 😊

Video: BASE WS and FPV at its finest

A wingsuit and FPV adventure – enjoy 😎😎😎

I am so happy to present to you this little video teaser !! 😀 It’s just a glimpse of what’s on my hard drives but I kind of have to keep it for bigger film projects.

It’s fun to see the evolution between this compilation video and the first movie we made with Vincent Cotte (‘Veush’) one year ago… I mean the guy is still a killer at flying his suit, but the improvements on my side have been insane!! 

Flying a GoPro has limitless possibilities

Screenshot from BASE 2.0

Practice makes perfect

Being able to now cruise around 230km/h during 90 seconds or more makes everything possible! We finally reached the point I was looking for: the wingsuiters can now fly the way they want, without thinking about me keeping up – I’ll always be on their asses getting the shot! 😎

Due to the amount of Wingsuit BASE jumps I had the chance to film since I started (approx 150), I kind of know how they fly and use their bodies, so I can react in no time, giving me more chances to get the sweet shot!

I’ll never thank enough ZIP who taught me about BASE, and made me meet Veush, with whom I worked and trained so freaking much! Then when earlier this year he thought I was ready to film more than 1 or 2 flyers, I was so happy to meet the whole band of friends, and had the chance to live so many priceless moments with all these wonderful humans!! Thanks a lot to everyone who trusted me, and considers me & my drone like being part of the wingsuit world !! 🙂 

I’ll always be on their asses getting the shot 😎

Screenshot from BASE 2.0

I’m very happy with the balance I find between safety & filming, there has been no panic this year ever, only full control playing with the limits but never overtaking them!! That definitely is the most important matter to me.

We (I) still have more stuff to improve, a lot is going very well, on the last jumps we shared with Veush, we did push the technical limits quite a lot and everything is working flawlessly. The next goal is to do the same with a cinema camera… should be possible soon, everything is on the building bench, I just need some time.

This second year filming wingsuiters has been such a blast, and I can’t wait for the third to start! Thanks again for watching and reading, take care and happy flying to you all! 

Video by ‘Cola FPV‘ (Colas Feuillie)

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Meet: Colas Feuillie

Colas Feuillie, a.k.a. Cola FPV, is a very talented drone flyer who loves to film BASE wingsuit flying.

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