Lesley Gale – Air Sports Interview

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Regan Tetlow interviews Skydive Mag Editor Lesley

Regan talks Lesley through her skydiving career, and she gets very excited describing the World Record 400-way

Video by Regan Tetlow, Air Sports News

Lesley would like to thank her sponsors Sun Path, PD, Cypres, Cookie, Larsen and Brusgaard, Symbiosis and XDream for decades of support

Meet: Air Sports Promotion

Air Sports News is the weekly update from Air Sports Promotion and hosted by British skydiver and presenter Regan Tetlow. The show airs every Wednesday at 2000UTC on the Facebook page of Air Sports Promotion and features two interviews with air sports athletes each week as well as a round up of all the latest news from the world of aviation and air sports. The show is now in its 4th season and can be found on all the social channels.

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