LACS – Line Twist Remedy

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How to get out of a line twist

LACS – Linetwist Anti Cutaway Spin

A small tip if you ever feel like you’re getting stuck in a line twist.

This technique is very effective if you practise it on the ground first. It works for spinning line twists, and for wingsuiters as well.

Remember your Hard Deck!

If you decide to use this technique in the air – remember your altitude. Never forget your hard deck.

You might have time to perform this technique and save yourself a reserve ride at low altitudes. But please always stay true to your hard deck.

Check your lines

Also: remember to check the condition of your lines after a line twist. This technique may cause a burn on the lines.

Stay safe out there

And riggers: I’m sorry for keeping you less busy!

Blue skies!


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Meet: Timmi Thomsen

Skydiving Athlete!
Fast life and fast parachutes!

Canopy Piloting competitor!
Freestyle Swooping!
Name: Timmi Thomsen

Age: 23

Height: 180 cm

Weight: 73 kgs

Nationality: Danish

Home DZ: Varde Faldskærms klub

Current DZ: Dropzone Denmark

Years in sport: 6

Total jump numbers: 1900

1. Competition Velocity 79.
2. Helix 75.

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