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IbexUL canopy and CXUL container

Ultralight Crux and Ibex

When hiking long, challenging terrain to the exit point, every ounce of weight makes a big difference…

Squirrel has designed a container and canopy combination with the goal of being the smallest, lightest high quality gear their engineers could muster. The result – Ultralight versions of their Crux container (CXUL) and Ibex parachute (Ibex.UL). Matt Gerdes, Squirrel CEO, tells us more about the products and a unique discount system that effectively rewards BASE jumpers for staying alive!…

Hey Matt, tell us abut your über-light BASE system

We recently finished developing a new ultralight BASE system – the CX UL and Ibex UL. While it is ultra-light, it’s also relatively hard-wearing. For the harness-container system, a few small details have kept the weight low and the durability high. Carbon fiber plates, Amsteel diagonals & laterals, 30mm Dyneema webbing, and new custom plate buckles all combine to reduce weight while keeping durability and strength to standard levels.

You advertise the system at 3.8kg, is this realistic for Joe (BASE) Jumper?

Obviously system weight will vary with the size of the container and parachute, which is dependent on the person using it. For our advertised total system weight we chose my size – I’m pretty average at 5’ 10” and 165 lbs. I jump a 240 for normal BASE, and a 230 for alpine wingsuit stuff. I could easily go down to a 220, and have a lighter system but I elected to keep the size average and the wing-loading reasonable for the size that we advertise. The 230 size parachute and my container weigh in at 3.8kg, or 8.3 lbs. A lighter person could have container and canopy weight of more like 3.5 kg, or 7.7 lbs. Of course the total system weight varies depending on your choice of PC and toggles – releasable, stiffie, or light.

Where does this fit into your current range?

This complete system does not replace anything in our current range – it’s an additional option designed just for jumpers who prioritize weight and pack volume.

Custom-woven 30mm Dyneema webbing and 30mm removable aluminium buckles replace the 43 mm standard, reducing weight and bulk for alpine BASE jumpers

Who would want the CXUL and IbexUL system?

This system is not designed to be a jumper’s one and only rig, or “daily driver”. The parachute is only available with Spectra lines, and is designed for slider-up jumping. This system would be an excellent addition to your current quiver of BASE gear if you do long hikes or climbs for some of your jumps.

Tell Skydive Mag about Squirrel’s unique discount

Since we realize that most of us don’t have a bunch of extra money laying around to buy extra BASE rigs, we wanted to do something to keep the price as reasonable as possible. We came up with a discount system that is based on your years in the sport. For every year that you have been BASE jumping, subtract $100 from the total system price, up to 10 years, or $1,000 off, for the most experienced jumpers. We think this is a fair way to help the most dedicated jumpers add a light system to their gear range. 

Fair Play! Rock on Squirrel!

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