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The mission of Project 19 is to encourage women worldwide to dream big and live a brave life…

Project 19

To celebrate the Women’s Suffrage Movement that swept the globe in the early 1900s, the Women’s Skydiving Network will be fully sponsoring a Women’s Vertical World Record 100-way on the 100thanniversary of the 19thamendment to the US constitution. The 19th Amendment provides women and men with equal voting rights.

This newsworthy storyline will be highlighting the talent and abilities of female skydivers. We plan to raise awareness to the general public of the fun, challenge, athleticism and excitement surrounding our sport, with the ultimate intent of recruiting more women to it.

Project 19 is scheduled for the summer of 2020 at Skydive Chicago.  With over a year between now and the record attempts, new vertical big way flyers have plenty of time to train.

Training Phases

Record organizers have broken down the training timeline for Project 19 into 4 phases – a step by step training guide for interested flyers…

Phase 1 / Basic Training:

There are dozens of small group training camps planned for summer and fall 2019.  This training will be a great way to learn and practice big way skills in a low stress, small environment.  Phase 1 camps will be held in the sky and tunnel by Project 19 Regional Captains all over the world. Some of the skills you can expect to train during the basic training are long dives, long floats, flying through burbles, flying good head levels, presenting grips, flying with minimal unnecessary movement and safely executing break offs.

Phase 2 / Advanced Training

Similar to phase 1, but bigger!  Flyers will have the opportunity to train being in the air with more people. They will get to do multiple plane formation loads and ultimately learn how to perform in a slightly more intense environment. The advanced training will be run by Project 19 Organizers and be held next fall and winter.

Phase 3 / Selection

This phase will serve as additional training and tryouts for the Project 19 record and support team.  Several selection events will be held in various DZs around the world late next winter and spring.

Final Phase / World Record

The selected 100-way world record team and 20-person support team will unite at Skydive Chicago to commemorate the centennial of the 19thamendment to the US constitution by attempting to build a new 100-way Women’s Vertical World Record.


The Women’s Skydiving Network (WSN) will be sponsoring the event by paying for all the 100-way jumps, support team (bench) jumps and registration fees.

This record will be a 36% increase from the last record.  We are calling on all female free flyers to help us celebrate brave women from our history by being BRAVE WOMEN THAT CREATE HISTORY.

Are YOU ready?

Part of what’s unique about Project 19 is that while the end goal is building a 100 way Women’s Vertical World Record, it’s also about much more than that. A big part of why we are doing this is to give flyers the chance to train and build up their skills.

There are Regional Captions and training opportunities all over the world! Phase 1 events allow flyers everywhere to conveniently train big way skills in a small group environment. This training is in preparation for the bigger formations that will happen in Phase 2. Whether or not you plan to be on the record, Phase 1 events are a great opportunity to train!

Get in touch with a regional captain in an area that’s convenient for you (list below). Find out what the minimal skill level requirement is. You might be surprised to learn that you have what it takes.

If you are wondering if you can.. you probably can 🙂 It’s not rocket science.. train harder get better!!

Anna Moxnes, Project 19 Captain

If you already have experience with formations, this is your chance to pass on the love and be there for the new girls, while sharpening your own skills.

Project 19 is a mission that goes far beyond an epic 1-point skydive! It is about raising the platform for yourself and the people around you. We are taking the baton passed to us by the women who came before us and we are going to run with it for a while!

Project 19 Organizers

  • Amy Chmelecki
  • Sara Curtis
  • Domi Kiger
  • Melissa Lowe
  • Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher
  • Anna Moxnes

Regional Captains


  • Jill Grantham * Australia* jill_grantham@hotmail.com
  • Sonnica van Zijl * Australia * sonnica105@gmail.com


  • Mercedes Smolders * Canada * Mercedes.smolders@gmail.com
  • Monika Wittmer * Canada * monika.g.wittmer@gmail.com


  • Mich Cnops * Belgium * mich@airspace.be
  • Kim van der Horst * Belgium / The Netherlands * kavdhorst@hotmail.com
  • Heini Elo * Finland * heini.a.elo@gmail.com
  • Karine JOLY * France * karine@airwax.fr
  • Ninie Bouette * France * Niniebouette@gmail.com
  • Stefanie Liller * Germany * Stefanie.liller@gmail.com
  • Anna Moxnes * Norway / Roaming * anna@theedge.no
  • Domi Kiger * France / Roaming * domitillekiger@gmail.com
  • Nastya Lyashchuk * Russia * whiterabbitskydiveteam@gmail.com
  • Lika Borzova * Russia * Lika.borzova@gmail.com
  • Cathy Bouette * France / Spain * Cathy@babylon-freefly.com
  • Alethia J Austin * Spain / Portugal * ajaustin@gmail.com
  • Jenny Norin * Sweden / Denmark * jenny.satorifactory@gmail.com
  • Marie Sjödin * Sweden / Denmark * Mariesjod@gmail.com
  • Alex Salera * Switzerland / Germany / Austria * mxsp4xu91br1@opayq.com
  • Weed Stoodley * UK * Weed@luminescence.co.uk
  • Roberta Mancino * Italy


  • Naomi Kotzee * South Africa * naomikotzee@gmail.com

South America / Mexico

  • Ana Aponte Zuluaga * South America / Colombia * xielofreeflyteam@gmail.com
  • Paula Rodriquez * South America / Mexico * pauhabeica@yahoo.com.mx


  • Chazi Blacksher * Arizona * chazi.blacksher@gmail.com
  • Amberly Brown * Arizona * loveamberly@gmail.com
  • Emily Royal * Colorado * emilymroyal@gmail.com
  • Natalie Pitts * Colorado * pittsn@colorado.edu
  • Melanie Curtis * North East * mel@melaniecurtis.com
  • Jessie Brownlow * Nor Cal * jessicambrownlow@gmail.com
  • Laura Golly * North Carolina * Lauraanngolly@gmail.com
  • Ali Criss * North West  * ali@financialinsights.net
  • Katie Hansen * Roaming * Khansen1024@gmail.com
  • Melissa Lowe * Roaming * melissaairheart@gmail.com
  • Sara Curtis * Arizona * sara@azarsenal.com
  • Sharon Har-Noy Pilcher * East Coast * sharonchon@hotmail.com
  • Stephanie Strange * Roaming * S205P8Y@GMAIL.COM 
  • Amy Chmelecki * Roaming * amychmelecki@hotmail.com
  • Donagene Jones * Texas / Nor Cal * donagenejones@gmail.com
  • Shayni Couch * Roaming  * shaynicouch@gmail.com
  • Mel Firth * Roaming * firth.melanie@gmail.com

Contact amychmelecki@hotmail.com and/or Sara@azarsenal.com for more information.

More info at the Broken World Record website.

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Meet: Amy Chmelecki

19,000 Skydives

17 World Records

10 National Titles

4 World Titles

Red Bull Air Force member

"As far back as I can remember I wanted to be a skydiver."

Amy's ambition to learn the sport began as early as age 13 and continued through her teenage years, until finally getting her first chance at the legal age of 18.
After that first experience of freefall, she knew skydiving would be a major focus of her life. Later that year, Amy earned her skydiving license in her native state, New York. For the next three years, she made time to jump as much as possible while finishing college.
After college, Amy headed west to spend her time practicing the sport at Skydive Arizona. She dreamed of being a professional snowboarder as a kid, but at 18 found an altogether different kind of 'big air.' "After I went for a skydive when I turned 18, I realized it was something you could do all the time, if you wanted. I never looked back," Amy says.
She scored her first sponsorship in 2001 and from there knew that skydiving, wingsuit flying and tunnel flying were going to be her aerial-based career of choice. "I saw a path paved out for me. It was a great feeling. It was like I had no question that I was going to have a good career and a good time."
Fast forward more than a decade and Amy's picked up 11 national titles, five world titles, an astounding 15 world records and counting. She puts her stellar resume down to experience in her sport and having taken part in lots of different disciplines. "Most people hang out in a specific discipline for a while, win a championship, and then stop. I am always fired up about the next new thing to learn and master," she explains.

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