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Performance Designs announces an expansion to the PD Factory Team…

Vittorio Guarinelli, new member of the PD Factory Team – Accuracy

From Zero to Hero

Performance Designs launched the Zero (a classic accuracy canopy) nine years ago. Over the years PD has gained acceptance into this community and PD is incredibly proud that the Zero is now the canopy of choice among the majority of accuracy jumpers. As Performance Designs looks to continue their involvement in this community, 2019 will be the first season that they establish a PD sponsored Accuracy Team.

PD Factory Team

The PD Factory Team originally began as a 4-way FS project made up of primarily PD employees. It later shifted to a high-performance canopy piloting team, whose members have long excelled in various other disciplines. For 2019 Performance Designs is excited to see the PDFT expanding into a new discipline. The PD Factory Team – Accuracy will compete at the 2019 World Cup Series events throughout Europe.

Albert Berchtold, PD Marketing Manager
Albert Berchtold, PD Marketing Manager

“The PD Factory Team has a long lineage of great skydivers and canopy pilots. We have no doubt that the new members of this Accuracy team will continue to raise the bar for the PDFT. We are as proud to have them wearing PD Blue as they are to be wearing it.”

Albert Berchtold, PD Marketing Manager
Cheryl Stearns, accuracy legend and new PDFT Accuracy Team member

Team Members

The competitors PD has chosen to participate in this project are all well known, and highly respected members of the accuracy community. They will showcase Performance Designs, the ZERO, and continue to act as ambassadors to our sport while waving the PD flag. The new teammates are Vittorio Guarinelli, Cheryl Stearns, Ehab Mahmoud, Paolo Filippini, Daniele Viel and Stefano Corradini. This team has between them over 74,000 jumps, 174 podium finishes and over 207 years of combined experience in the sport.

FFI visit: http://accuracy.pdfactoryteam.com/

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Meet: Hollie-Blue Allum

Hollie-Blue Allum has skydiving in her blood, being around dropzones from birth onwards. Grand-daughter of UK Accuracy Champion Michael Allum and daughter of 4-way Champion and Flight-1 coach Pete Allum, Hollie has her own style of infectious enthusiasm and laughter. She loves the sport, the people and brings a brightness and energy to every room she enters. Hollie-Blue is the Marketing Director and an Owner at the EdgE Agency.

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