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And a tropical island to land it on!

Bruno Brokken flying his Storm over the Maldives

Okay, we lied about the island… but a brand-new Performance Designs parachute really can be yours!

Home Tip Tuesday

Being #homealone is the perfect time to share our knowledge in the community… so we’re launching the Home Tip Tuesday Competition, with a brand-new, custom-colored PD Canopy for the winner!

To enter, create your own short Tip Tuesday video on any tip that would help the skydiving family – a safety point, packing tip, demonstration, DZ etiquette, how to get on the cool loads – anything of relevance to skydivers. It could also be about learning during lockdown; how to make and fly an indoor canopy or freefall simulator. Anything that is educational, entertaining, or ideally both.

You don’t have to be a whizz with editing a masterpiece, just talk into your phone and post the raw footage. Of course feel free to go crazy with film edits and PD credits if for some weird reason you have time on your hands right now (!)

How to enter

  1. Record your PD Tip Tuesday video, start by introducing yourself and say what your Tip is about
  2. Post your video on Facebook with the hashtag #PDTipTuesday. (If you do not have a Facebook profile, no problem, go to step 3)
  3. Email us a link to download your video, using WeTransfer. Include your full name and what canopy you jump.

The winner will be decided by Performance Designs and Skydive Mag. We are looking for useful knowledge, entertainment, originality, fun, and with a good response from the viewers at home.  We may award some random PD swag for highly commended entries.

Of course everything has to be quarantine-friendly, so only feature other persons in the video if they are members of your family household or are physically in a different place.

A classic Tip Tuesday: On-heading openings

Can you do better than Beau?

The closing date is 20 May 2020. We know there will be lots of great ideas out there and can’t wait to see what #quarantineviewing you come up with!

Tip Tuesday Comp RULES

We’ve kept the rules pretty simple: 

Travis Mills
Image by Luly’s Enchanted Pixels
  1. The competition is open to everyone. Contestants can submit as many entries as they wish.
  2. The competition ends on 20 May 2020. 
  3. To enter, contestants post their video on Facebook (if they have a FB profile), and email a link to hollie@performancedesigns.com for PD to download their video submission.
  4. Include your name, email and what canopy you jump.
  5. The winner of the PD Canopy Gift Certificate will be the person who makes the best Home Tip Tuesday video.
  6. The judges will be PD Marketing department and Skydive Mag.
  7. By entering the competition, contestants grant permission for Performance Designs and Skydive Mag to reuse the video entry in any way they see fit.
  8. The winner will receive a PD Gift Certificate, for 100% off any PD non cross-braced canopy. (Should the winner wish a cross-braced canopy, he/she can pay the difference in price.) The order must be placed through PD. The prize is not transferable and has no cash value. (But it is worth over $2,000).
  9. The winner must be happy to engage in competition publicity activities, such as posing for social media photos with their new PD canopy. What a drag! 😉

Good luck – May the best entry win the PD CANOPY!

Now, about that island to isolate on…
Image over Maldives by Bruno Brokken
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