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Performance Designs sponsors the winner of the PD Bullseye competition 2019

Paul Winner taking the 1st place in the PD Bullseye Competition

Performance Designs hosted the PD Bullseye Sport Accuracy series across the US and Europe this summer.

After an epic first year of the PD Bullseye competition that saw Performance Designs visit 5 countries, 9 dropzones and meet over 400 skydivers the final was held at Skydive DeLand.

The series was a chance for people with under 500 jumps to test their sport accuracy and become better canopy pilots. The 23 competitors travelled to Florida to compete for the chance of becoming a PD Sponsored Athlete.

Beau Riebe sharing some of his wisdom


After all the finalists had arrived, their training day was kicked off with yoga with Emma Tranter from the Yoga Shed. The competitors then got a chance to get familiar with the DZ, each other and get some practice jumps in.

That evening PD hosted a catch-up at Persimmon Hollow Brewing, with PD Bullseye competitors, PD staff and the Flight-1 team. Friday was the Flight-1 training day with Co-Founders Jay Moledzki and Ian Bobo and Instructors Beau Riebe and Sascha Frings. This was a chance for the competitors to get some one-on-one coaching from some of the best canopy pilots around and get some last-minute tips in before the big day.

Shelby Mithchell hits THE SPOT

Final competition

Saturday morning was competition day (exciting!) which kicked off with a breakfast for everyone, followed by a wind briefing and then a practice round at 7.30am. After that, there were 3 competition rounds followed by prize giving and a party to celebrate!

The competition was close with some front runners looking strong at the beginning but not making it to the podium in the end. It was awesome to see the judgment calls from the competitors and how everyone was having fun but keeping safety a priority.

Moment of joy for Paul Winner

And the winner is…

After an exciting meet, the winner was announced: Paul Winner from Skydive Orange. Second place was taken by Lori Patalocco from Skydive Spaceland Houston and third place by John Victor from Skydive Spaceland Dallas. Paul commented,

“I felt that going into the competition, I had a chance. I’d put a lot of time into working on canopy skills this year. Then you get to the finals, start meeting the competitors and you realize that everyone has been working hard and the pressure was on. This event was incredible and thanks to PD for coming up with an idea that made so many people focus on their canopy piloting.”

What’s next for Paul? 

“I got my coach rating this year, and want to continue working with new skydivers and keep progressing on my freefly skills. Canopy-wise, I’m hoping to attend an FLCPA event this coming year. I’m proud of myself and all the competitors for all the hard work we put going into this competition. I’m honored and excited about the amazing opportunities that are ahead for me.” 

Paul Winner, PD Bullseye 2019 Winner

PD Bullseye competitor Shelby Mitchell enjoying the competition

Congratulations from Performance Designs to all the finalists for their hard work and enthusiasm for becoming better canopy pilots. We couldn’t be happier with how the series went and the sportsmanship of all the competitors.

“We’re super excited about how the 2019 PD Bullseye season turned out. Loads of newer jumpers discovered and were excited about developing their canopy flight skills in a fun and competitive environment. It was great to see this series work and create greater enthusiasm in our community for safe and fun canopy flight. Learning to fly and land your canopy well is cool, and we’re glad we’ve been able to do a little part in promoting that.”

Albert Berchtold, PD Marketing Manager

Stay tuned for more details on PD Bullseye 2020!!!

PD Bullseye competition finalists

Photos by Performance Designs

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