Vector Festival 2022

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A Reunion of Epic Proportions!

Vector Festival 2022, by Adrian Daszkowski 

After a four year break, Vector Festival – possibly the best skydiving boogie ever – returned to Europe this summer… and boy, it returned in style!

Vector Festival 2022 took place at Skydive Stockholm and the location, the weather, and the vibes did not disappoint. 

Skydiving extravaganza

This boogie is known for attracting the most enthusiastic skydivers, bringing the best Load Organizers in the sport, the biggest brands in the industry, giving away the most insane prizes, and dreaming up elaborate parties. Unfortunately, due to Covid, Vector Festival had been on pause since 2018. However, the wait made the Festival a reunion of epic proportions for our community and a week-long skydiving extravaganza.  

Vector Festival 2022 begins, by Felix Wetterberg

Green Day

Vector Festival kicked off on Monday 8th August with a Green Day for newer jumpers who hadn’t yet been to a boogie. This gave them a chance to get to know some organizers, get a thorough DZ briefing, and a few jumps under their belts so they were ready to start strongly when the main Festival kicked off on Tuesday. 

All smiles for Angelo DeClerck’s group, by Adrian Daszkowski 

Kicking off in style

With over 300 registered skydivers, 24 coaches, 5 camera flyers, 4 planes and a host of support staff from the surrounding area, the Festival kicked off in style. 

Every morning participants were able to join Yoga classes and Breathing Sessions. For qualified skydivers the mornings were also a chance to join the UPT Mutant Demo Program where they got the opportunity to be trained and fly this beast of a rig.

Photos by by Whit Milam and Felix Wetterberg

Boogie Fever

Then it was onto a full day of boogie jumping, with freefly, wingsuit, FS, XRW, angle, zoo dives, and anything else you could convince an organizer to do. There were an average of 1,000 slots flown each day of the boogie!

Project 19

Vector Festival was also a chance to get some head-down training in for the Project 19 Women’s Vertical World Record with Louise Kristensen, Jenny Norin and Hannah Parker.

Project19 training jump, by Adrian Daszkowski 

Sunset Ball Drop

Sunset saw the opportunity for Flocking jumps and then it was time for the legendary Ball Drop where prizes were up for grabs. From there it was onto the night’s entertainment.

The eagerly awaited Day Tape, a compilation of the day’s fun in the air and on the ground, kicked off the evening, getting everyone in the party mood.

The Prize Ball Drop, by Felix Wetterberg

Evening Entertainment

Each night had something new, from Free Beer (always a favorite), to a Swedish Midsummer party, a Full Moon Vendors Party, DJs, Vector Festival’s favorite PeteBox, the Vector Film Festival, and the Vector Runway show. Sweden also graced us with the Northern Lights to make sure everyone felt especially welcome. 

Party of all parties

The Vector Festival Closing Party: Transcendance included DJ sets from My Sweet Fab and Frederika, some exceptional costumes, and a lot of dancing. Before the Festival closed the Nina Award was presented to the Skydive Stockholm volunteers who went above and beyond to support the event. Vector Festival participant Ana Maria walked away with the big prize of the Festival: a free UPT Vector, free Performance Designs Optimum Reserve, and a free Vigil Cuatro!

Vector Festival Gallery

Photos by Roy Wimmer-Jaglom, Adrian Daszkowski , Frederik Kihle, Gustavo Cabana and Felix Wetterberg

Thank you!

Party time by Frederick Kihle

Huge thank you and a big shout out to the Vector Festival Team:

The spirit of Vector Festival 2022, by Frederick Kihle
  • Sponsors
  • UPT
  • Performance Designs
  • Vigil
  • Vendors
  • L&B
  • Option Gravity
  • Skyshop
  • Bodyflight SE
  • Uffe’s Hop Shop
  • XAW
  • Boogieman
  • Cookie
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  • Caracas Tunnel
  • Indoor Wingsuit
  • Deem!
  • Load organizers
  • Anna Moxnes 
  • Claudio Cagnasso 
  • Luis Prinetto 
  • Luis Adolfo Lopez 
  • Angelo DeClerck 
  • Marco Arrigo 
  • Stephane ‘Zun’ Zunino 
  • Julian Barthel 
  • Roberta Mancino 
  • Beau Riebe 
  • Vincent Cotte 
  • Sam Lendle 
  • Dylan Soler 
  • Petter Mazzetta 
  • Hannah Parker 
  • Joakim Wetterfors 
  • Connor Figg
  • Andreas Mosling 
  • Pete Allum 
  • Louise Kristensen
  • Jenny Norin
  • Domi Kiger
  • Johnny Gunn
  • Ippo Fabbi 
  • Air to Air Camera
  • Gustavo Cabana 
  • Willem de Groot
  • Adrian Daszkowski 
  • Roy Wimmer-Jaglom 
  • Ryan Jenkins 
  • Ground Camera
  • Frederik Kihle
  • Whit Milam
  • Felix Wetterberg
  • MC
  • Lisa Mazzetta

And finally

The only thing left to tell you… stay tuned for Vector Festival 2024! 

Vector Festival Video

Vector Festival 2022 tape, Day 1
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