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Two New Options Released for PD Peregrine

After extensive product development and testing, Performance Designs is excited to release two new options for Peregrine canopy pilots.

Matt Leonard having fun with his Peregrine

• You asked, we listened. A new ALL 300 Orange Vectran lineset is now available to Peregrine Pilots. Though the 200/300 Competition lineset remains a popular option, this new offering is the perfect choice for competitors wishing to reduce the risk of line breakage associated with competition linesets. Available on new purchases, or relines at PD or in the field, pilots may be interested in this option for use on training canopies, and a replacement lineset between important competitions.

• Responding to new and continuing developments, PD also now offers a new, steeper line trim – excellent for Peregrine pilots engaging in XRW or for competitors flying a supine harness, like the UPT Mutant. This new configuration is available on new orders on both 200/300 Competition Linesets and new ALL 300 Lineset. No need to wait for your next Peregrine, you can choose this ordering option on your next reline.

Enjoy flying your Peregrine!

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Meet: Hollie-Blue Allum

Hollie-Blue Allum has skydiving in her blood, being around dropzones from birth onwards. Grand-daughter of UK Accuracy Champion Michael Allum and daughter of 4-way Champion and Flight-1 coach Pete Allum, Hollie has her own style of infectious enthusiasm and laughter. She loves the sport, the people and brings a brightness and energy to every room she enters. Hollie-Blue is the Marketing Director and an Owner at the EdgE Agency.

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