Skydivers Unite to Fight COVID-19

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In times of need the skydiving community never disappoints…

Hats off to the amazing people from Skydive Elsinore, sewing masks for the community

Yong Chisholm recently started making masks for the staff at Skydive Elsinore. The idea snowballed and Skydive Elsinore started producing face covers for the local community…

The City of Lake Elsinore and Riverside County Fire Department caught wind of their little project and asked if they could also be included and be provided with masks. Both combined, they were asking for 4,000 masks. Skydive Elsinore’s staff continued to add more sewing machines and people to meet the increased demand. As production ramped up, they had become more streamline and more of an assembly line.

Usually amazing initiatives like this one don’t remain alone. Their T-shirt supplier donated 2,000 brand new shirts so they had enough material now to make about 16,000 masks. One of their jumpers came and got a box of shirts, was shown how to make the masks and took the box home. He and his friend are now making them on their home sewing machines. One of their weekend instructors heard of the project and offered to cut all the patterns on the laser table at his work – that significantly helped. Don’t you love when people come together in time of need?

On Monday, 4/6/20, their first real day, they delivered 150 face covers. Tuesday, 4/7/20, they delivered 250 and on Wednesday, 4/8/20, they delivered 405 🙂

Skydive Elsinore wants to thank everyone that is putting in their time to help them with this project. The staff at Skydive Elsinore are doing their best to help the cause.

You all be safe while working to help others. My heroes wear face covers”

Mary sant-angelo

“Skydive Elsinore is like my extended family and I’m so proud to work with them!” said Joshua Hall, former Arizona Airspeed member, who was part of this project from the beginning.

Now Skydive Elsinore has people working in shifts pretty much around the clock.

Did I mention the best thing? They are giving the masks for free ❤️❤️❤️

Make your own mask!

Just in case you want to make your own mask we can tell you that it’s not that complicated. Cypres has put together a very nice video tutorial just for this purpose. Enjoy and learn something new 🙂

How to make a cool mask from a simple Buff 🙂
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Meet: Andreea Pistea

Andreea started skydiving at 16 years old and the step between hobby and passion was almost immediately made. Nothing changed in the years that passed.

She is a USPA coach, AFF Instructor, Multiple World Record holder in big-ways, former captain of TNT 4-way team and a Romanian Airclub athlete.

Andreea enjoys FS, wingsuiting and freefly. She flyes Sun Path, Aerodyne, Squirrel, Cookie Helmets and Cypres.

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