Maldives Extravaganza

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It was unanimous… the 2020 Tsunami Exotic Boogie organised by Rich Grimm in Maldives simply ROCKED!

Maldives Boogie video and photos

Maldives Boogie

You have above a little video I finished editing after the event. It is just my point of view and a tiny part of the many jumps over Koodoo, Maldives in February. Can’t wait to get back!

by far the biggest and best exotic boogie of all time”

Bruno Brokken

If you want to be informed with the latest news of other exotic boogies, join the Tsunami Skydivers Exotic Boogies Facebook group and Rich will keep you up to date.

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Meet: Bruno Brokken

Bruno is a gentle giant originally from Belgium, now based in Empuriabrava. He is a professional photograoher who makes jaw-dropping images of our sport and is a skydiving legend! Bruno has been jumping for more than 30 years and loves the sport and the community – as we love him!

Bruno is sponsored by Sun Path, PD and Cypres.

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