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Article by Bruno Brokken

Bruno Brokken hasn’t had a cutaway in 25 years! As a professional full-time cameraman that’s some record!!

Self portrait by Bruno Brokken

Bruno’s Top Tips

We asked Bruno if he could share some tips with Skydive Mag readers, on how to avoid cutaways…

“I don’t really have a secret, but here’s 5 things that probably helped me to be so long without cutting away…

1. Jump docile canopies (like my 7-cell Spectre) as much as possible.

2. Pack properly (my last cutaway in ’93 was a line-over, probably pulled some lines of the tail over the leading edge while packing)

3. Body position on opening and learning to react quickly to unusual openings, like line twists for example.

4. Do a proper line check when you have any doubts, like when the canopy falls down in no wind landings or you picked it up in an unusual way.

5. Use rubber bands with proper tension…

… and number 6: some luck I guess!”

Article by Bruno Brokken

Meet: Bruno Brokken

Bruno is a gentle giant originally from Belgium, now based in Empuriabrava. He is a professional photograoher who makes jaw-dropping images of our sport and is a skydiving legend! Bruno has been jumping for more than 30 years and loves the sport and the community – as we love him!

Bruno is sponsored by Sun Path, PD and Cypres.

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