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Wingsuit multi-ways and jumps with camera flyers are amazing. Here’s a few helpful pointers to improve success rates and help everyone keep out of harm’s way…

Be Prepared

Before you start, be realistic. If you or anyone else on the jump is not already capable of tight and smooth formation flying, then go get more practice in the skydiving environment. You owe it to yourself and everyone around you.

Please keep in mind that multi-way wingsuit BASE jumps have been a primary cause of many fatalities. Training safe and smooth formation flying in the skydive environment is an important part of doing this safely on a BASE jump.

Discuss the plan with clear visible references

Exit Plan

Discuss your exit plan with all the other jumpers involved. Include visible references for what direction you will push from exit and where you will be headed once flying.

Flight Plan

Discuss the entire flight plan. Again, include visible references and confirm they are obvious and understood. Here’s an example: I’m going to fly down that gully to the end and bank hard right staying close to the cliff until we reach the next ridge. The references are the gully, cliff after the gully, and the ridge.

 Include visible references for what direction you will push from exit

The Leader

Someone will need to lead. Multiway jumps put you and your friends at risk, so pay close attention. The leader is responsible for providing a manageable speed for everyone, providing range on the terrain, and the overall safety of the group. All followers, and camera flyers, are responsible for keeping awareness of the lead and all other flyers. Followers and camera flyers should state their intended position for exit, during the flight, and during the deployment. Their position should be in reference to the leader and previous reference points. Deployment should be planned as well, and must include some form of separation.

Flying with friends or a cameraman is not a joke and should be taken seriously. Train on skydives, plan carefully, and jump the plan.

Safety Video

The below video by BM Wingsuit School illustrates these ideas…

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