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Starting your wingsuit as fast as possible is the name of the game…

I love new exits because I’m confident in my ability to start my suit. Starting your wingsuit as fast as possible is the name of the game. I focus on the same few parts of a wingsuit start every time I jump. If possible find a way to place your feet on stable ground even with each other and square to the direction you intend to jump. Find a reference point at 45 degrees below in line with your exit direction.

Strong controlled push

You’ll want to give a strong and controlled push. As you bend your knees to load your legs for jumping begin to lean forward from the waist up. Do this slowly to control your momentum. The goal is to leave the ground after you pass the point of commitment near level with the horizon. Jump to full body extension.

Head at °45 leads the way

Keeping your eyes on your 45 degree reference will help your head lead the way. As your head begins to set your angle of attack present your arm wings symmetrically while widening your legs. Your arm wings will provide the stability to adjust your angle of attack as you start the de-arching process. De-arch using the combination of your chest, hips and knees. Follow your de-arch with engaging your legs and pointing your toes.

Fly that suit

The goal is to keep your pitch near 45 degrees and present your leg wing in the most effective manner. Head-high exits cause head-low starts. Use your leg wing. Fly that suit.

Video showing technique

WS Starts – Video by Brandon Mikesell and Ben Verde

Words, text and video by Brandon Mikesell and Ben Verde

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Meet: Ben Verde

Ben Verde is firmly a member of the new generation of WS BASE jumpers who have embraced a more calculated approach, using laser-inclinometers and GPS tracklog history analysis to make better informed decisions in the mountains. With more than 800 BASE jumps since 2011, his experience ranges from urban to alpine and everything in-between. Ben’s BASE courses are thorough and relaxed, focusing on the technical aspects of BASE jumping and embracing a spirit of good judgment and humble self-awareness

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