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Image by Max Haim

How well do you know yourself, your equipment and your surroundings?

Sometimes in skydiving we find ourselves in tricky situations and we wonder how we got there in the first place. It’s easy to blame others for our situation. Sometimes others contribute – but at the end of the day we are all responsible for our own choices. This infographic below is to help you visualize making good choices.    

Flying Circle by Tim Parrant

Safety Guide

Flying circle is a guide to ask yourself what sections are related to you when jumping at a new drop zone, making a demo jump or picking an off landing. This visualization can also be related to any other aspect. Green is safe, yellow is caution and red is the danger zone.


Consider the following; your

  • energy level
  • skill
  • knowledge
  • gear
  • weather
  • landing zone

Ideally all green is a perfect world. Ask yourself how many yellows are you risking – or are you even into the red (danger) zone? These are the questions you need to ask yourself when making your choices.

Confidence comes from making the right choices
Image shows Angelo Declerck by Henny Wiggers

For example

The winds are getting stronger, you have a big canopy so could be going backwards and you’re hung over, is this a good time to make a jump?

Do you have the right gear, knowledge and skills to jump into that suggestion of Pål Bergen’s backyard?

The levels compound; if you are tired from the red-eye flight, it’s cloudy and you’re looking at making your first jump at a new DZ, you’re in the yellow for three sections, which puts you firmly in the red ‘danger zone’.

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Meet: Timothy Parrant

Tim is Australian born but a worldwide nomad. He has been skydiving for over 10 years and BASE jumping and Paragliding for over 6 years. With 5000 plus skydives and still counting. Tim is a Photographer, an Instructor, Cameraflyer and the creator of the Camera Flying Manual. He's sponsors include Nzaerosports, Tonfly Helmets, Sonic Flywear, D-Curve and Gopro.

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