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Rachael, 50 jumps, asks you for a GEAR CHECK…

Rachael, 50 jumps, asks you for a gear check

What’s Wrong with Rachael?

Share the love and look out for one and another at the dz✌️ Here’s a fun exercise to train your eyes for the weekend … There are 13 problems with Rachel’s gear (arguably 14), how many can you spot?

Take Responsibility!

I believe it’s not only instructors’ responsibility to check gear but for everyone. When boarding and in the plane if we all look out for each other we will greatly reduce the chances of someone jumping out of the plane with misrouted or improperly fitted gear. Plus, think of all that free beer when you catch someone with a mistake!!

Answers are HERE!


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Meet: Timothy Parrant

Tim is Australian born but a worldwide nomad. He has been skydiving for over 10 years and BASE jumping and Paragliding for over 6 years. With 5000 plus skydives and still counting. Tim is a Photographer, an Instructor, Cameraflyer and the creator of the Camera Flying Manual. He's sponsors include Nzaerosports, Tonfly Helmets, Sonic Flywear, D-Curve and Gopro.

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