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Tim Parrant shares his secret of success…

Whether it’s your first time looking for a drop zone job in skydiving or you’re a veteran season jumper, skydiving can be a tough industry to score good quality jobs…

Often the process of job-seeking is through the ‘who-you-know’ vibe but usually we all still have to send through a CV (resumé).

Video CV!

In the video at the end of this article I share my own secret weapon when it comes to standing out above all the other CVs. Below are some useful written CV tips. My personal opinion is to send a video CV with a well-written cover letter. Be professional but be creative! The person looking at your application is usually a skydiver and doesn’t want mundane crap to plough through, they probably want personality.

Express your personality

Hot Tips

  • Your video CV shouldn’t be longer than 3 minutes
  • Be creative and express your personality
  • Relocating is normal in DZ life so be prepared to be flexible
  • Less is more! DZ staff are very busy, keep everything nice and simple
  • Include your photo in the cover letter/CV
  • Physically show up to the DZ to ask for a job, or make a phone call

Be professional but be creative!

Written CV

Include the following in your written CV:

  • Jump numbers in each discipline
  • Ratings and respected organisations
  • Previous dropzone/tunnel roles
  • Equipment you use
  • What work you are willing to do
  • Contacts for references
  • Dates you’re available to work
  • Conditions you’re comfortable to jump
  • Extra skills you can offer to the dropzone
  • Willingness to relocate

Where to search for jobs?

  • Facebook group: Skydive Jobs
  • Dropzone.com: Classifieds, employment
  • Dropzone’s website or facebook page

Good luck!

Tim’s Secret Recipe – Video CV

Tim Parrant – Video CV
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Meet: Timothy Parrant

Tim is Australian born but a worldwide nomad. He has been skydiving for over 10 years and BASE jumping and Paragliding for over 6 years. With 5000 plus skydives and still counting. Tim is a Photographer, an Instructor, Cameraflyer and the creator of the Camera Flying Manual. He's sponsors include Nzaerosports, Tonfly Helmets, Sonic Flywear, D-Curve and Gopro.

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