Rachael’s Dodgy Gear: The Answers!

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Previously we published a photo of Rachael, 50 jumps, asking for a gear check – here. There were 13 issues, did you get them all?…

13 Mistakes

From top to bottom…

  1. No goggles
  2. On her left side loop is going through the middle 3 ring
  3. Left side, the yellow cable is not connected
  4. Her right side the RSL is going under the cutaway housing and then connected
  5. The altimeter is on the wrong arm
  6. Alti is not turned on
  7. Alti is upside down
  8. The helmet has cameras and she has only 50 jumps
  9. Chest strap is routed wrongly at the buckle
  10. Chest strap is wrapped around the harness covering the reserve handle
  11. T-shirt isn’t tucked into her pants or secured by a bungee
  12. On her left side the leg strap excess is hanging out
  13. Left side leg strap is routed wrongly…

…and, 14… you could say to not jump with those ear rings!

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