Mythbuster Mondays – Less flare downwind

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Mythbusters 🤓 – A new series of shorts where we explode some skydiving hearsay and tell it for real…

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Myth: “You have less flare power when landing downwind” – FALSE

Mythbuster 🧐

This comes from a common misunderstanding surrounding relative wind, airspeed, and ground speed. In truth, landing downwind only means that your speed across the ground is higher (the sum of your canopy speed and the wind speed). The speed your canopy is moving through the air is the same whether you’re facing downwind or into wind (or cross wind, or in a nil wind). It’s the airflow over your canopy that affects how it flies, so the same flare technique will achieve level flight whichever direction you’re landing.

You should be comfortable landing your canopy in any condition, including crosswind or downwind. If you haven’t practiced this recently, speak to your canopy coach and make sure you’re current on all relevant canopy skills.

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Meet: XDream Skydiving

Founded in 2013, XDream’s mission is and always has been to support new and progressing sport skydivers at every level. They value the skydiving community, the progression and education of skydivers, and reducing the impact our sport has on the environment. They sell skydiving gear from world leading manufacturers, as well as rental equipment such as AADs, main canopies, and complete rigs. XDream are online and have a physical store at Headcorn Airfield; plus, from 2020, XDream are travelling across the UK and Europe with Symbi to make sure skydivers of all levels have access to trustworthy advice regarding the world leaders in skydiving equipment.

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