Mythbuster Mondays – Push the nose

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Myth: “Push the nose in towards the centre of the canopy to slow down openings.”  – FALSE

MythBuster 🧐

The Performance Designs packing manual describes the following to help slow down your openings if you find they’re ‘uncomfortably fast’: Once you’ve flaked the nose cells, leave the centre cell open and hanging in the middle, grab all the cells on one side and roll them inwards towards the centre, then do the same on the other side. If you find your openings are too slow, #PD recommend that you leave all the flaked nose cells open and hanging neatly. (Please note this post isn’t enough to replace proper training from your instructor or a suitably qualified packer!)

Beau Riebe from PD demonstrating good packing

Packing Video

You can see detail about every stage of packing on the PD packing video here.

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Meet: XDream Skydiving

Founded in 2013, XDream’s mission is and always has been to support new and progressing sport skydivers at every level. They value the skydiving community, the progression and education of skydivers, and reducing the impact our sport has on the environment. They sell skydiving gear from world leading manufacturers, as well as rental equipment such as AADs, main canopies, and complete rigs. XDream are online and have a physical store at Headcorn Airfield; plus, from 2020, XDream are travelling across the UK and Europe with Symbi to make sure skydivers of all levels have access to trustworthy advice regarding the world leaders in skydiving equipment.

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