Once, Twice or even Thrice in a Lifetime!

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Photo from Spread The Wings 2021, by Adrian Daszkowski

There are places you need to see once in a lifetime. So the saying goes. However skydiving over the Pyramids of Giza in Egypt is something you want to do twice in a lifetime, at least.

C130 Hercules

Just the action of opening the tailgate in a Hercules is something that runs shivers down the spine of a skydiver. Then the view onto the Cairo/Giza metropolitan area with its 15,000,000 inhabitants is just breathtaking. Jumping out of this enormous, awe-inspiring aircraft and seeing the only remaining seventh wonders of the ancient world below you is more than special.

Photo from Spread The Wings 2021, by Adrian Daszkowski


If you have jumped over The Palm dropzone in Dubai, you enjoy the view. But after several jumps it becomes some kind of normal. Jumping above The Pyramids on the other hand, is even after several jumps something that only can be described as moving and exciting.

The sheer mass of these buildings, even from more than 4,000m (13,000 feet) is something you truly can feel even at exit altitude. Freefalling towards the three pyramids, you don’t even want to turn points, you just want to enjoy the view.

Photo by author Ralph Wilhelm

The Pyramids

The ride under canopy, especially the part low and close to The Pyramids is deeply impressive, to say at least. They are 140m high and made of 3 million bricks, each weighing 2.5 tons. For sure these are the biggest buildings in the world you can skydive above, fly your canopy around and land it next to. It’s something you just can’t get enough of. Even packing in the shadow of The Pyramids is somehow very special.

Photo by author Ralph Wilhelm

The Jump of a Lifetime

So for those who never been there, this is truly the jump of a lifetime. And for those who have been there, once is not enough. At least twice in a lifetime is better.

And for those who like less emotional, more straightforward info, here you go:

Spread the Wings Info

Pyramids Boogie: November 27th to December 2nd 2022.
Location: Giza, Egypt

Building an Ankh – the classic Egyptian symbol for the Key of Life
Photo by Ralph Wilhelm

Extension Options

Luxor City: December 2nd to 4th 2022
Skydiving above the Valley of Kings and the Hatshepsut temple

Red Sea/Marsa Alam: December 5th to 7th 2022
Skydiving at the Red Sea

Jumping over the Valley of the Kings, by Ralph Wilhelm

Organizers & Camera Flyers

Even packing in front of The Pyramids is special! Photo: FF Coach Alethia Austin, by Ralph Wilhelm


  • Kate Cooper-Jensen
  • Lesley Gale
  • Doug Barron


  • Alethia Austin


  • tbd


  • Adrian Daszkowski
  • Gustavo Cabana 
  • Ralph Wilhelm

Vincent Descols and Domi Kiger, last year’s organisers, getting into the Egyptian spirit at Hatshepsut temple. Photo by Marine Descols

 All photos from Spread the Wings boogie 2021

More info and registration at the Skydive Egypt website

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Meet: Ralph Wilhelm

Ralph Wilhelm is from Germany and he started skydiving in 2007. He has accumulated more than 5000 jumps since.

He is a successful bigway jumper with several world records in FS - belly and several national records in freefly, but these days he prefers to be camera flyer on bigway events, no matter if they are in belly or freefly.

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