The Great Book of BASE – 3rd Edition Review

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The Great Book of BASE – Reviewer Mara Lucien can't put it down, even for a New Orleans party!
The Great Book of BASE
Reviewer Mara Lucien can’t put it down, even for a New Orleans party!

It’s All About That BASE

Review by Mara Lucien

            The Great Book of BASE was originally published in 2010. Now in its third edition, it remains the must-have BASE resource. Whether you’ve been jumping for a long time, are just starting, or aren’t sure you ever want to, you’ll find value packed into its packed pages. In fact, it covers such a wide range that even if BASE isn’t your particular sport, you’ll still get your money’s worth, perhaps from the chapter on weather or the sections that discuss incidents, safety, risk, and progression.

It remains THE must-have BASE resource

            I’ve dug into all three editions of the book now, and there are a few things I really love about The Great Book of BASE. First, I love how many people contribute to it. In its own way, it’s becoming a record of the BASE community and evolution. With pieces by Steph Davis, Harry Parker, Rich Webb, Taz, Matt Blank, Matt Laj, and Le Blonde (Vincent Descols) just for starters, it’s a piece of BASE history in its own right.

I also love how these various inclusions provide a glimpse at the complexity that is BASE and BASE jumpers. It’s not a monolithic sport, and each individual’s journey is unique. I think the book does a great job of covering that and demonstrating that there’s not One True Way—just better ways and worse ways for each situation and person.

The Great Book of BASE by Matt Gerdes – 3rd edition
The Great Book of BASE by Matt Gerdes – 3rd edition

            If you do or might ever BASE jump, The Great Book of BASE is indispensable (except, apparently, to Scotty Bob). And if you’re still rocking the first edition, it might be time to get a copy of the new version, especially if you wingsuit. Eight years may or may not seem like a long time, but in a still-evolving sport like BASE, it’s at least a decade or two.

This review was previously published in Blue Skies Magazine

The Second Edition of The Great Book of BASE was reviewed by Douggs for Skydive Mag here

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