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Downunder Dynamics discusses the most efficient sit fly techniques with Mason Corby

Trying to learn how to sit fly but haven’t booked yourself some coaching yet? Here we have Mason Corby of Downunder Dynamics in Australia sharing a few different sit fly techniques. Mason explains what different controls and inputs will do for your flying in the tunnel and in the sky.

During this video I go over the various techniques and controls with how to sit fly. I cover not just the right position but many other positions. There is a right way and many inefficient ways to fly. Think in terms of drag presentation and the flow of wind around the body when it hits different surface areas. Everything in this video is opinion and experienced based.

Mason Corby

Note: When learning how to sit fly in the sky, there’s a tendency to backslide so be sure you’re communicating at the boarding area to set a direction so you won’t be moving up/down jump run or into other groups even if you are backsliding.

Skill level: Beginner – Intermediate
🎬 Edit and content: Mason Corby – downunderdynamics.com
🎥 GoPro Max 360 cam
🎥 Lumix Wind tunnel: Flyspot

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Meet: Mason Corby

All about self progression and the progression of others, the more people I progress the more I can learn and progress.

Skydiving since 2006 with experience in the sport as a Tandem master, Aff instructor, Tunnel instructor/coach, Military FF, Static line and tandems, night/day - land/water, Currently a Full time freelance coach world wide and event organiser in Australia.

Fell in love with freeflying early on, I was always welcomed and taught by those above me and just wanted to pass that favor on to the next generation.

Currently running tunnel camps at IFly downunder in Sydney Australia, a Freefly School at Byron Bay Skydive in Australia and providing educational Skydiving content on the Downunder Dynamics Youtube Channel.

Happy to be sponsored by Deem Flywear, Job Connect, NZ Aerosports, Aerodyne, LVN, Dekunu, Mee loft and Ifly Downunder.

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