Wingsuit – Airdance Hybrid

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Elite wingsuit pilots Dani Roman and Sebastian Alvarez fly with the incredibly talented Lukacs Laki, a beautiful freestylist with just 43 jumps – and a ridiculous amount of tunnel!

This is just a teaser of what’s to come! 😉

Build Something Truly Amazing

First rehearsals in Dubai

There is a brand new progressing project together with two wingsuit pilots Dani Roman and Sebastian Alvarez, in which we create spectacular choreography from several wingsuit freestyle and freefly – freestyle (airdance) elements. We have already tested, so it will work! 😎

This is just the beginning – I can’t wait to see what we create together! To be continued…

  • Thank you for the opportunity: Dani Roman, Sebastian Alvarez.
  • Thank you Leonid Volkov for polishing my Thomas Flair. 
  • Special thanks for the hospitality: Inflight Dubai, Skydive Dubai.
  • Thanks for the music: The Smooglers

About my projects

My purpose is to develop a one of a kind project and  perform unique, spectacular choreography in the air in special locations worldwide. 

Although my skydiving experience is not that much until this moment (only 43 jumps), as an indoor skydiving competitor I have attended important international competitions since I was a kid.  

Art and sports have gone hand in hand for centuries on their common journey.

My goal is to show this beautiful extreme sport to the entire world from another approach, where sport and art fly hand in hand. My special air projects with this new vision are presented to art and sport lovers via spectacular videos. I hope you’ll enjoy them!

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Meet: Lukacs Laki

Lukacs Laki is an enthusiastic, self-driven athlete and a determined, motivating coach. He has a lot of experience in wind tunnel competitions and training camps with more than 500 hours of body flight in his career.

In 2018 he was the first person under the age of 18 who received the Tunnel Instructor - Class A Spotter Certificate.

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I work every day to overcome the next hurdle and never rest until I complete my task, while motivating others to do the same. While seeing the big-picture, I always pick up on small cues as well that can make or break the game.

As an athlete, I believe analytical thinking is the key to understanding what affects your work and your body. As coaches, we must utilize this skill every time we think about a body position before the next move.

Film making in Budapest
In my free-time, I'm a semi-professional videographer. Currently I work on multiple non-profit short films and freelance advert campaigns. In the near future, I intend to improve my skills and experience in this field too and begin working on skydiving and bodyflying film-making.

E X T R A - C U R R I C U L A R A C T I V I T I E S
WindDance performer, MAD Company worldwide
2018 — Present
In my free time, I am a founding member of the world's first Wind Theater company where my bodyflying skills represent something different, something extraordinary. As a "stage performer" I must take care of my body movements in a more detailed and special way.

Results and Career Milestones
2015- 6th place on the FAI World Championship Freestyle Junior -Czech Rep.
2016-5th place at Windgames Freestyle Open category - Spain
2016- 7th place at 2th. FAI World Cup Freestyle Open category-Poland
2017-9th place at Windgames 2017 Freestyle Open Category -Spain
2017- 3th place at France National Freestyle Open category- France
2017- 6th place at FAI World Championship Freestyle Junior-Canada-Montreal
2017 - 8th place at Flight Fighter Freestyle Open category - Bahrain
2018 - 9th place at Windgames Freestyle Open category- Spain
2018 - 5th place at 1st FAI European Indoor Skydiving Championship Freestyle Open category - Voss, Norway
2018 - 1st place at Austrian National Freestyle Open
2018 - 2nd place at Austrian National Best Trick
2018 - 4th place at 1st Asiana Open - China
2018 - 6th place at FAI World Cup Freestyle Open - Bahrain
2019 - 8th place at FAI World Championship - France