Laziness is your enemy

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This is why you need to repack your canopy after it has been sitting for a long time – it turns into a brick!

If safety is your goal then laziness is your enemy

Note: Sorry about the abrupt ending – nothing important missing

You can bet that this parachute is not going to open normally… it might not even open at all!

Brian Germain

For more Gear tips by Brian Germain, watch “Skydiving Gear Maintenance“.

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Meet: Brian Germain

Brian Germain made his first skydive in 1986 at the age of eighteen and quickly attained all the available ratings. He graduated from the University of Vermont with a degree in Psychology and over 1000 skydives. Today with over 14000 jumps and 25 years of instructional experience, Brian travels the world teaching basic, advanced and instructor level canopy courses, provides Life Coaching, keynote speaking and workshops for corporate and organizational events. He has authored numerous critically acclaimed books, designs parachutes and is a featured instructor and keynote speaker at Adventure Wisdom LLC.

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