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Fun skydive ideas for newer jumpers!

Image by Steve Fitch

Have fun in the sky and finesse your skills with these mapped-out skydives

Are you around the 50-100 jump mark, want to have fun with your friends and finesse your skills in freefall? The new Boost Jump Handbook from the Australian Parachute Federation is for you! 

Best of all, it’s free!

It’s full of fun 2 ways, 3 ways and 4 ways to try, as well as tips and tricks to help you improve and build a strong foundation of skills, no matter what discipline you are interested in pursuing.

You can download it for free from the APF website, or even print a copy to keep in your gear bag. 

The handbook is full of fun 2- and 3–ways
Image by Steve Fitch

Why was it created?

In Australia, it’s fairly common knowledge that we lose a lot of jumpers between the 50-100 jump mark. This handbook was born out of the desire to inspire and support skydivers at this critical stage in their skydiving careers.

Anyone can follow the sequence of jumps or use the Handbook as a ‘pick and mix’, with tips and tricks included in each section as prompts and advice. The handbook gives jumpers from around the 50 jump mark (Certificate B in Australia), fun ideas for skydives they can try with people of similar experience levels, and aims to bring some focus to their jumps while giving them some guidance.

It’s also a great resource for mentors, coaches and Load Organisers to help them prompt or assist newer jumpers with ideas of suitable jumps they can try. 

Image by Steve Fitch

Where to find the Boost Jump Handbook

Direct link to Boost Jump Handbook: Here

Or, anyone can download for free from the APF website . You’ll find it under Members > Safety & Training > Publications > Training Resources. It’s currently at the end of the list.

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Meet: Melissa Harvie

Melissa Harvie is the Australian Parachute Federation’s Sport Development Manager, an active competitor and National representative in 4 and 8 way FS, Melissa has been coaching FS and Personal Flying Skills for over 10 years. She created the Boost Jump Handbook with the help of experienced coaches around Australia, to inspire newer jumpers from around the 50+ jump mark (Certificate B in Australia), when they are statistically most likely to drop out of the sport.

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