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The skydiving world is excited to come together for the greatest skydiving show on earth in Reno, Nevada!

Have dreams of being part of a state, provincial, national, or World Record?
Melissa Nelson Lowe teaches you the steps!

This year will be an extra-special gathering of the clans, after three years. Normally PIA Symposiums are held every 2 years but the 2021 event was canceled due to Covid. Everyone is excited to get together again!

If you’ve never attended a PIA Symposium before or you’re thinking of attending, here’s everything you need to know… 

PIA Symposium – Is It Worth Going? 

If you love skydiving, then you’ll want to be in Reno! Every major skydiving manufacturer will be there as well as some of the biggest names (and personalities) pushing the boundaries of the sport. Here are some of the highlights you can expect: 

  • Meet the thought leaders advancing the sport 
  • Meet the manufacturers and learn about new product innovations
  • Attend workshops on every conceivable topic, from freeflying, demo jumps, rigging and sponsorships… it’s endless!
  • Attend parties, dinners and social events. Did we mention parties? 
  • Swag, swag, and bag-fulls of swag! 
  • Attend celebration dinners for major skydiving awards
  • Enjoy “Fireside Chats” with some of the most fascinating personalities in skydiving
Looking for better openings?
Beau Riebe of Performance Designs will walk you through his entire packing process

Learn from the Best and the Brightest

PIA Symposium is as much substance as it is style – learn from the brightest minds in the industry today on almost every topic imaginable. This PIA Symposium will feature a speaking room dedicated to sport skydiving, rigging, technical, business management, military, and more.

As we went to press the following seminars and speakers are confirmed but more are being added daily so check the links for the latest updates.


Below are confirmed topics, see the live list of the evolving seminar schedule here.

  • 2022 Fatality Summary
  • Observations From the Road: Downsizing
  • The Art of Big Ways
  • Behind The Scenes of Judging
  • Sponsorship. How to Get Sponsors and Conduct Ourselves
  • Top 3 Things I’ve Learned as a National Director
  • Cultural Alignment Within Doctrine


  • Hannah Albrecht
  • Kamuran Bayrasli
  • Ron Bell
  • Ian Bobo
  • Bill Booth
  • Robert Fieldman
  • Kevin Gibson
  • Ronnie Hughan
  • James La Barrie
  • Jim McCormick
  • Catherine Mollmann
  • Marc Nadeau
  • Melissa Nelson-Lowe
  • Julien Peelman
  • Ricardo Pettena
  • Beau Riebe
  • Ed Scott
  • Todd Shoebotham
  • Jay Stokes
  • Noah Watts

For the latest list of confirmed speakers, click here.

When and Where?

The PIA Symposium will be hosted in Reno, Nevada from Monday, February 27th through Friday, March 3rd, 2023. The event will be hosted at the incredible Silver Legacy Resort Casino – a Caesar’s property. 

Room Rates are US$80 Sunday through Thursday and $145 for Friday and Saturday night. Click here to book your room! 

PIA Symposium brings together the leaders of the rigging world
Whatever you want to know… it’s here! 

How Much Does It Cost? 

Registration fees for the full symposium are $310 for Full and Sustaining Members of PIA and $340 for Affiliate or non-members of PIA.

Early Bird Discount

Registration rates are reduced by $100 until October 1st 2022! Register early to pay $210 (Members) or $240 (non members) at the Early Bird discounted rate.

The registration fees include:

  • PIA Symposium Event Bag
  • PIA Symposium Jersey by Manufactory Apparel
  • Entry to Opening Ceremonies
  • Entry to Expo Hall 
  • Access to all seminars and workshops
  • Closing Dinner (formal)

Expo Hall Entry

Day Passes are available for $7 which permits entry to the Expo Hall exclusively. This ticket does not include access to seminars or workshops and does not include welcome pack, jersey or event bag. 

PIA Symposium is the world’s largest skydiving tradeshow featuring manufacturers from all over the world

Day Passes

Day passes can be purchased for $110, which give access to the Expo Hall and all seminars and workshops. 

How to Attend for Free

There is a way to gain full access to the PIA Syposium at no cost by becoming a featured speaker or by being a volunteer! 

Speakers Receive: 

  • Free event registration
  • A ticket to the Closing Dinner 
  • Free long-sleeved jersey

Interested in becoming a speaker? Speakers receive complimentary registration. Apply here! 

Volunteers receive: 

  • Free event registration
  • Discounted room rates (Sunday-Thurs $64 and Friday- Saturday $116)
  • A ticket to the Closing Dinner 
  • Free long-sleeved jersey

Interested in becoming a volunteer for PIA Symposium 2023? Please submit your interest to https://www.pia.com/contact/

See the latest innovations and speak with the masterminds creating the gear worn at DZs worldwide

How to Get There

The airport servicing Reno is the Reno Tahoe International Airport (RNO).

Any Questions? 

Contact us! We’re happy to answer any questions you may have about where to stay, what to do and what to expect at PIA Symposium 2023. Please e-mail us here! 

More details at the Symposium page on the PIA website

The Symposium is a chance to catch up with your skydiving buddies…
…did we mention parties?!
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