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The European Skydiving Symposium was fascinating, impeccably organized and full of invaluable safety advice

Rich Madeley from PD giving a packing demo
Photo: ESS2024 / Juan Mayer, powered by CYPRES

In February 2026, the sixth edition of the European Skydiving Symposium will be hosted in Sevilla, Spain. 

I, along with the 700-plus attendees from this year’s event in Warsaw, plan to be there – because what we just experienced in Poland was nothing short of world-class. 

Beau Riebe of Performance Designs shares his observations from the road
Photo: ESS2024 / Juan Mayer, powered by CYPRES

No detail too small

As Summerfest is to boogies, ESS is to skydiving conferences. No detail is too small to ensure every attendee, vendor, and speaker feels appreciated. The event organizers truly cared, and everyone felt it. Little wonder why the word of mouth for this event is spreading like wildfire. This is a “must-attend” event whether you’re a skydiver, instructor, rigger, dropzone operator or manufacturer – this conference has something for everyone. 

Day 1 Video Recap

Here are a few highlights from this year’s event: 

  • 3 Day Conference at a Modern Venue 
  • Complimentary Lunch (daily)
  • Complimentary Airport Shuttles 
  • Endless Coffee Provided at All Times
  • A World Class App Ensuring Everyone Knew What Was Happening
  • 2 Stages Covering Various Topics 
  • Expo Hall Filled with Manufacturers 
  • 43 Speakers 
  • Parties Every Night
  • Cinema Night with Top Class Skydiving Films
  • Incredible Daily Raffles 
  • 718 attendees from 32 countries 

If this all sounds amazing… it was! 

Masters of ceremony Damian Abramowicz and Regan Tetlow
Photo: ESS2024 / Juan Mayer, powered by CYPRES

Something Special

From the first minute of the first day, we knew we were in for something special. The “voice of skydiving”, Regan Tetlow, set the tone with big energy as he introduced the opening act for the event, an aerialist who gave the most beautiful performance. (This is not something you see at your typical skydiving conference!) The performance then transitioned to the introduction of Brian Germain who shared a heartfelt message that skydiving is best approached holistically and with thoughtfulness – a reminder we all need before entering a busy season of hot loads and fast packing. 

Something special to start the symposium
Photo: ESS2024 / Juan Mayer, powered by CYPRES

Surprise Speaker 

Following Germain’s presentation, the “surprise speaker” quickly became evident as the unmistakeable beard of Bill Booth was spotted in the hallway chatting to a small but growing crowd. When Bill Booth shows up at your conference to speak… in Poland… in the middle of winter… you know this is a quality event! Bill Booth can choose to be anywhere in the world, but there he was holding court and sharing stories from a career spanning decades. 

Bill Booth had a standing ovation for his talk on 50 years of innovation
Photo: ESS2024 / Juan Mayer, powered by CYPRES

Every base was covered 

And all of this in the first two hours of the first day! The highlights continued with great presentations from thought leaders who flew in from all parts of the world to share their knowledge with skydivers representing dozens of countries. In case you were wondering, the conference organizers provided translation services to ensure everyone understood all that was being shared (did I mention an attention to detail?). Every base was covered! 

Day 2 Video Recap


By the second day, the conference had found its rhythm – attendees moved smoothly in and out of sessions, reminiscent of university students transitioning between classes, engaging in lively discussions with peers in the hallways during breaks. Then a major announcement that will positively impact the sport in every country. With a packed room, USPA Executive Director Albert Berchtold unveiled the concept of World Skydiving Day – a brilliant idea that gives news media a reason to talk about skydiving as the community focuses on setting a world record for most skydives in a day. 

Video of World Skydiving Day Announcement

Life-changing experience

The stories and details of this event could continue for another thousand words, but it may best be encapsulated by a gentleman who traveled from the other side of the world, solely based on the professionalism of a three-minute Instagram conversation with one of the event organizers. His summation at the end of the event was that it was a life-changing experience full of information that he could apply at his dropzone. Best of all, and perhaps most importantly, he shared that he felt seen, recognized, and appreciated. 

Everyone felt the same way. 

Day 3 Video Recap

Take a bow

The organizers of the European Skydiving Symposium (Arek “Maya” Majewski Marta Molińska and Katarzyna Witkowska) should take a bow because they organized a premier conference and poured their whole hearts into it. It was as if we were all at a boogie and were gathering around the bonfire, eating together, sharing stories, and laughing deep into the night – the very thing that makes skydiving so great. It’s always about the people, and these organizers nailed it. We all had a special time – I can’t wait to do it again in Spain in 2026. 

Hope to see you there! 

ESS 24 Gallery

All Photos: ESS2024 / Juan Mayer, powered by CYPRES

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