G35 Helmet Review

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Hello, my name is Coralie Boudreault. I am the Canadian freestyle champion and I have the privilege to be one of Cookie’s sponsored athletes.

Author Coralie Boudrealt about to exit in her G35 Cookie helmet
Photo:  Yannick Bisson

I just received my new G35 helmet and wanted to share with you some of the differences between the models…

The Shape

If you liked the shape of the G3 you will be pleased with the G35. The back of the head is higher than the G4 and it is comparable to the G3. Also, the G35 and G3 are smaller than the G4. Regarding the padding, the G35 is similar to the G4, it has very thick padding which makes it feel smaller. Another update on the G35 is that the chin cover is longer so it’s harder for the helmet to slip off your head.

The visor system of the G35 is the same as the G4 so the visor goes into the helmet.

Coralie’s G4, G35 and G3 helmets, showing the difference in size, the G4 is larger due to thicker padding, as required for the G4 impact rating

Top plate

This is one of the big changes. The G35 has an interchangeable top plate. It gives you the opportunity to have only one helmet for both sky and tunnel. You can take off your camera set-up and put another top plate before going in the tunnel! You can also order your plate in different colours if you feel creative. It’s possible to install a release system for the camera as well.

You can easily swap the G35 between sky and tunnel by changing the top plate
Photo: Coralie jumping her G35, by Yannick Bisson

Impact Rating

Finally the question that everybody wants to know, is it Impact rated ???

The G35 is not impact rated but like I mentioned earlier, the padding is thick and protects the head very well. It might not be certified but it sure feels like it!

Coralie with her Cookie collection

Before you Buy

Here are some things to check before buying… Based on the G3, the G4 feels bigger and the G35 is smaller. All my helmets are size small, but the models fit very differently (see picture for size reference). Another thing to check with the G35 is the audible pocket. It is smaller than the G4’s and the pro track from L&B can be hard to fit in. My advice would be to try on the model of helmet you plan on buying because lots of things change from G3 to G4 to G35.

Hopefully this little article helped you choose your perfect Cookie helmet!

If you have any other questions, Cookie has a description of every model on their website at: flycookie.com .. or check out Cookie’s video below about the G35…

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Meet: Coralie Boudreault

Hi, my name is Coralie Boudreault and I started flying when I was 11 years old. I competed in the tunnel for 5 years before being able to do my AFF course but my ultimate goal was always to compete internationally in the sky. I will finally realize that dream at the next World Championships in October 2022! 

Coralie is proudly sponsored by Parachute Voltige, UPT, Fluid wings, Vertical suits, Cypres, L&B and Purepoxy

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