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Adam ‘Killa’ Mattacola is well-known as a tunnel and skydiving coach, he’s also a man of hidden talents!

During the pandemic, Adam decided to turn his hand to computer game development and, in true Killa style, he casually popped out a few brilliant games and apps in a matter of months. 

One App in particular though, is catching the eye of dynamic tunnel flyers worldwide and has received enthusiastic feedback that this is the tool that has been missing to help dynamic flyers to learn the dive pool. After having the idea for the app a few years ago, Adam began to develop it earlier this year. It is called Dynamic Flying Compulsories and is available to buy on both the Apple App Store and Google Play Store.


The app shows the dive pool for both 2-way and 4-way dynamic flying in the wind tunnel. Press ‘Start’ to be whisked away to the 3D glass tunnel, decked out with a bar (well, obviously!) and realistic models of tunnel flyers and spectators. You are then able to select patterns from the official dynamic dive pool, either manually or using the inbuilt random draw generator. Also included are all of the new potential dynamic patterns that have currently been put forward to be voted upon to become part of the dive pool.

Dynamic Flying Compulsories is an amazing coaching tool, It gives clear demonstration and information for students to study while at the tunnel or at home

Jimmy Mccarthy (Tunnel coach)

What can you do with the app?

This 3D model presentation has many features. Designed to be user-friendly, it has a main menu where you can choose your settings. Options include: 

  • Choose patterns to fly. Here you can select any particular snake, vertical or mixer you want to see, or simply select ‘Random’. Here you can include or exclude the potential new patterns too.
  • Using the random draw generator. This is a great tool for team training. Select the amount of random draws you want and then press ‘Generate’.
  • Change the number of flyers to either 1, 2 or 4.
  • Change the suit colour of each flyer to help keep track of each flyer performing his/her certain patterns. This is useful for teams to scrutinise the positions of each flyer throughout the sequence.
  • There is even an option to change door position to match the tunnel you fly at!

“I had another day mind-blown by this App! It’s just what’s needed”

Josh O Donoghue (Competitor)
Changing suit colours

Once you are ready and press ‘Start’, you will see your choices come to life in the 3D world of the tunnel. You can then:

  • Adjust the speed, or pause, the 3D flyers whilst they are flying.
  • Manually control a camera and move it into a position you want or simply switch to cameras that have a sideline, centre line and top down view.
  • Skip to any particular pattern in the sequence.

There is also a link to the official rules on the main menu for you to easily to check anything specific. 

This is an incredibly helpful tool for anyone learning the dive pool, as well as use for coaches to aid visualization during dirt dives. This app means that you can literally see any combination, at any speed, to match any tunnel layouts and view from any angle you want. We couldn’t think of a better tool to learn and visualize the dive pool! 

This treasure trove of all your dynamic flying info in one handy app is currently only £5 on Apple App Store and Google Play Store (less than the price of a pint in London!).

Top view

We were missing a strong tool to visualise the flight, the precision. This application allowed us to give a new tool to our students, to allow their progression in a safe, secure way

Wind Tunnel Coaches Team (International team of tunnel coaches)

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