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SkyTrash Wingsuit Team continues to amaze the skydiving community with their latest project…

…a flight over 6km long in an 18-way wingsuit formation over the famous Palm Jumeirah in Dubai, with an incredible plane flyby. 

Skytrash and friends with wings
Image: Juan Mayer

The team has spent several months of training on large formations in Dubai, adding to their basket of successful projects including night jumps & XRW, while having Juan Mayer capturing some of their best moments throughout the years. You can visit and follow their Instagram account for some epic photos and videos edits. 

Having started in 2014, the team took shape as it is now by mid-2018 in Dubai when it decided to fly identical suits, blue SkyTrash wingsuits, regularly jumping only on weekends since none of its members is a professional skydiver.

It’s worth noting that the team includes members with 7 different nationalities and has plans to travel together and jump in each of the members’ home country.

Skytrash Gallery by Juan Mayer

SKYTRASH TEAM: Isak Opedal (Norway) Reza Moradi (Iran) Ivan Raibal (Spain) Alex Stont (Ukraine) Karim Wanis (Egypt) Michael Washburn (USA) 

WINGSUIT FRIENDS: Vincent Cotte (France), Rodney Crossman (Canada), Geraldine Fasnacht (Switzerland), Simon Fasnacht (St. Lucia West Indies), Fred Fugen (France), Obaid Al Humairi (United Arab Emirates), Katsuhiko Kishi (Japan), Matt Munting (Australia), Laura Popescu (Romania), Nick Scalabrino (Austria), Steve Shipman (United Kingdom), Sara Saatchian (Iran), Ahmed El Shehhi (United Arab Emirates). 


OTTER PILOT: Dean Ricci (USA) 

Video – SkyTrash Team & friends over the Palm

Video and edit by Juan Mayer

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