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The ‘onewing’ formation described by organizer Joe Webb, with video edit by Claudiu…

This formation load ‘onewing’ was a success 😃

Photo: Claudiu Frigescu

It was also an exercise to find the best way to see where to put the airplanes relative to each other and how we wanted to flow out of them to maximize speed and safety.

We also wanted to bring the Elsinore and Perris wingsuit crews together because they have both grown so much in the recent years and the flyers are now skilled enough to make big events like this happen.

It was huge to have a couple of pro organizers join us to help make the big formation small in my mind. With Marie Clark and Scotty Bob leading the trail plane I was able to focus on the lead plane and navigate us home each jump.

We ended up jumping on day one in very high winds both in the uppers and on the ground which made things tricky for everyone involved. And with the high level of the group we succeeded nicely, with everyone landing on the DZ.

Day 2 we were doing 4-5 mile spots and flying as a group all the way over Lake Elsinore, which is fun and exciting and rarely done on jumps other than the onewing event.

The vision was two Flying Vs, or chevrons, and to stack them on top of each other. We nailed it after 1 jump and continued to dial things in until we crushed the 4th jump of the day with two huge flying Vs stacked onto each other to make one Independence Day style formation.

At the end of the day we all had fun, landed on the DZ, and are looking forward to the next one.

Double V

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We’re more than happy to extend invitations to the community for a onewing event, and to do so we ask that you please follow us on Instagram: @1onewing, @jwebb4life, or @claudiofunglide on Instagram for details. You can also be invited to the onewing Facebook page with a friend request to Joseph Webb and a message asking to be added.

You can also speak to your DZO about having us travel to your dropzone to put this event on.

See you on the next one!

Joe Webb

‘Independence Day’

Camera/Photos by Claudiu Frigescu and Dan Dupuis

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